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You Can Read Time Warriors #1 BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE!

Here’s the deal!

Time Warriors #1 will be officially released in June!

But! If you’re a fan, you’ll get your chance to read Time Warriors #1 before everyone else!

Plus, there’s a surprise gift. But I’ll tell you about it at the end of this post!

Now read on.


What IS Time Warriors?

Time Warriors is about a young team of cadets in a war unlike any you’ve ever seen. With time travel used as a weapon, the rules are completely different.

The cadets are trained to go on suicide missions deep into enemy territory, collect data, and die. After their mission is complete, time is reversed: They never leave for the missions, but the data they collect remains.

In the first issue, to graduate – everybody has to die for the first time!

How would you spend your last few hours? What would you do?

Everybody Dies in Issue #1!

Everybody Dies in Issue #1!

Is It Good?

If you’re a fan, you know our Ten Commandments of Comics, you know our manifesto, and you know we plan to change the way people look at comic books.

So. When we release a new series, you know it’s going to break all the rules!

  • Time Warriors is written by Guy Hasson, writer of Wynter, which was hailed across the board as “The best SF comic book on the market today”!
  • Time Warriors is brought to you by new artist, Juan Manuel Almirón. You know we work with undiscovered geniuses, right? Check Juan out! You won’t be disappointed!


Before I Tell You How to Get It Before Everyone Else – Here’s the Surprise

Here’s the thing. When you buy Time Warriors #1 before everyone else, you’ll get two copies, not one.

The other copy is given to you specifically to give to one friend for free! 

Yes, we’re sending you two copies! One for you, and for you to send to exactly one friend for free!

Your friend is going to thank you for introducing him/her to this new series! I promise!


How to Get It!

Before Time Warriors is officially released, there’s only one way to get it.

Here’s what you have to do:

1) Sign in to

2) Pay 3 USD (or your coin equivalent) to account  (Warning: Note that ‘Worlds’ is plural!)

3) Remember: YOU MUST add your email address in the comment when paying!

And that’s it! You’ll receive Time Warriors #1 and the surprise to your email address!


Want to read Time Warriors #1 before everyone else? Do it now!

I mean it! Do it right now!



Can You Guess What’s Going On?

Our brand new SF series, Time Warriors, is about to launch!

Check out this exclusive preview of the first two pages: Can you guess what’s going on? 

Art: Juan Manuel Almirón

Time Warriors #1, Page #1

Time Warriors #1, Page #1

Time Warriors #2, Page #2

Time Warriors #2, Page #2

What do you think is happening?

Leave your guesses in the comments below!

Let’s Fall in Love: Meet Kioshi

We’ve got the Time Warriors series coming soon!

Let’s continue to meet the team and fall in love!

Meet Kioshi. 

Here is how the script describes him:

KIOSHI. M. 19. Japanese. Kioshi means ‘pure’ in Japanese, and Kioshi is an artist in a world that has no place for artists. He is delicate, sensitive, not very strong, and loves music. Whenever he can, he finds time to play a piano or a guitar. Is the thinnest of them all.

Here is his concept art:

Art by: Juan Manuel Almirón

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Let’s Fall in Love: Meet Rodrigo

We’ve got the Time Warriors series coming soon!

Let’s continue to meet the team and fall in love!

Meet Rodrigo. 

Here is how the script describes him:

RODRIGO. M. 19. South American. Brown in color. Muscular. Full of testosterone. Wants to fight. Loves to fight. Wants to chase women. Has a big male ego.

Here is his concept art:



Art by: Juan Manuel Almirón

Let’s Fall in Love: Meet Alexei

Our new Time Warriors series is coming soon.

Let’s meet the team!

Today We Meet Alexei. 

From the script:

ALEXEI: M. 19. Of Russian descent. He’s 19, but he’s an old war horse. He is a soldier in his bones. He drinks like a soldier, smokes like a soldier, and does not let anything affect him too much, like an old soldier. He does not get excited from war but will be the best soldier he can be. All his family, for generations, have been soldiers.

Here’s the original concept art for Alexei:

Alexei Concept Art

Alexei Concept Art

Alexei Sketch

Alexei getting ready for something big

Art: Juan Manuel Almirón

A Glimpse at How We Create Comics

How would you like a glimpse into how comic books are created?

Here’s something really special.

The artist Juan Manuel Almirón, who is now working on our newest series, Time Warriors #1 does something that has never been done in New Worlds Comics. In fact, I’ve never heard of it being done anywhere in the comics world.

Rather than send a draft of every page for approval, Juan sends different alternatives of drafts to every page, allowing the writer to choose which is best.

Here are some examples.

Look at the different choices he makes, the different stresses and angles. And as you’re looking at these options, ask yourself: Which would you have chosen? Which option do you think is best?

Here are the two options for page 2 of Time Warriors #1.

Time Warriors, Page 2, Option 1

Time Warriors #1, Page 2, Option 1


Time Warriors, Page 2, Option 2

Time Warriors #1, Page 2, Option 2

Here are the two options for page 3 of Time Warriors #1

Time Warriors #1, page 3, option 1

Time Warriors #1, page 3, option 1

Time Warriors #1, page 3, option 1

Time Warriors #1, page 3, option 1

Now you be the writer/editor. Tell us which ones would you have chosen?



How to Make Nudity in Comics Empowering

Through a coincidence, two of our upcoming comic books, Time Warriors #1 and Wynter #4, have short scenes of female nudity in them.

Since New Worlds Comics is about giving girls and women stories and characters that empower them (as well as about giving boys and men stories those types of characters and plots) – I thought I’d talk to you about this.

So this post, and the next few ones, will explore this subject.

Let’s start with Time Warriors #1.


Why Is There Nudity in Time Warriors #1

Without spoiling the story, many of the characters in Time Warriors #1 get a chance to do whatever they want and then reverse time and take it back. Once they take it back, no one knows it ever happened except them. They retain the memory of the event, and no one else does.

One of the characters, Allison, is super shy. You know the type. What she chooses to do in those few hours is to walk naked in the street. She then gets to take it back – it never happened, except in her memory – and see what it felt like.

For that (and for another reason I won’t spoil) she needs to be seen naked in two of the pages in a series that is not at all about nudity, but about exploring yourself and who you are.

Sketch for Time Warriors #1, page 6

Sketch for Time Warriors #1, page 6


How to Make Nudity Empowering

First of all, the story has to be truthful. It has to be about real feeling and real emotions. Check out the sketch for this situation above. You can’t help but feel what she feels, and identify with her emotions.

It’s not about being titillating, it’s about being emotionally truthful, and being with the character and about the character’s emotional state.

So many comic books today draw female bodies to titillate. They give their females huge breasts, unrealistic bodies, and make them walk around half naked, quarter naked, eighth naked, and even one-sixteenth naked.

It translates to cash, after all. Young teens (and older, sure,) will be drawn to these and it will certainly increase sales.

The bad side of this is that it raises unrealistic expectations on the boys’ sides and it raises bad feelings on the girls’ sides because they can’t live up to those standards.


Realistic Bodies

Truth in story and emotion is one criteria. The second criteria is realistic bodies.

Here are the instructions I gave the artist before he drew the concept art:


“In New Worlds Comics I’m really trying to stay away from unrealistic bodies of both men and women. I’m trying to stay away from things that make teenagers, male and female, feel bad about themselves. So I don’t do the big breasts, which are very popular today, or the perfect, unrealistic women bodies. Not everyone is thin, not everyone has perfect proportions, and everyone has realistic breasts of different sizes. And in males I want to stay away from the unrealistically muscular men, the kind that you can only get if you work out many hours a day. Again, people need to be realistic, so that our audience can look at it and identify rather than feel bad. “

Here is the concept art he sent. As you can see, all the bodies are realistic. All the bodies are truthul. And Allison is naked in the concept art (something I’ve never seen before) because the artist, Juan Manuel Almirón, wanted to prove to me that he will remain true to real bodies and not draw bodies the way they are drawn.

And prove it he did.

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

See? Only realistic breasts, realistic bodies (for both the male and the female characters). That’s what we’re about.


Comic books should grow the hell up and talk to people honestly!


Now it’s your turn. What do you think about nudity or female bodies in comics?


Did you enjoy this article? Check out the second article in the series: Nudity as Social Commentary in Our Comics.