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A New Series Is Coming!

Ready to fall in love with new chracters? A new series is coming.

We’re not going to tell you what it is yet. We’re not going to tell you who’s in it and what’s it about. We’re not even going to tell you its name…

For now, here are original concept art of some of the main characters. Can you guess who you’ll fall in love with?

Meet the team!

Meet the team!

Artist: Juan Manuel Almirón

Teaser: More Wynter Sketchbook Previews

At  New Worlds Comics, when we release the first issue of a new title, a few weeks later, we release the artist’s sketchbook, filled with original art, artist’s process, and concept art.

Here’s another small taste of the sketchbook we’ll release next week. Here’s the sketch:

Wynter Sketchbook Cover

Wynter Sketchbook Cover

And here’s the final result:

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Intrigued? Get Wynter here.

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Teaser: Wynter Sketchbook Preview

If you know us, you know we do things differently. Since we work with the best artists in the world, and since art is such a big part of comics, every first issue we release will be followed by an artist’s sketchbook of that issue.

The sketchbook will include original art, concept art, sketches of the pages, and more.

As a teaser, here’s a bit of what you have to look forward to. Here are some of Áron Elekes’ concept art for Wynter.


Wynter Concept Art by Áron Elekes


Wynter Concept Art by Áron Elekes

Wynter Concept Art by Áron Elekes



Teaser: Goof Sketchbook Preview

There are some things we do differently in New Worlds Comics.

Since we employ the best artists, every issue #1 we’re going to publish will also be followed by an artist’s sketchbook. The sketchbook will feature the artist’s original sketches, concept art, and anything else s/he and I will find interesting about the process of inventing a new world with new characters and a new style.

Next week, we’ll release the sketchbooks for Wynter #1 and Goof #1.

For now, here’s a small teaser of the Goof #1 sketchbook. Art by the incomparable Guillermo Ramirez.

Captain Gorgeous Concept Art.

Captain Gorgeous Concept Art by Guillermo Ramirez