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“Wynter Is the Surprise Science Fiction of the Year!”

It’s interesting to see how people react to new comic books as they slowly become popular.

With New Worlds Comics we have the unique position of observing this with Wynter. From the very first review of Wynter, to the next and to the next Wynter came out unbelievably strong out of the gate. With the release of Wynter #2, more and more reviews raved about Wynter.

The interesting dynamic of a new comic book is that review after review after review will come in. At first, it’s surprising. People aren’t sure what to expect or how to talk about it. Then slowly, somehow, a single review solidifies everything that’s come before and catches the zeitgeist with one sentence.

That review just came out by Geeks with Wives. Here is the sentence: “Wynter is the surprise science fiction hit of the year.”

Read the entire review here.

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover


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Teaser: Something Big Is Coming

Something big is coming. And it has to do with you. How big it is will depend on you.

But we’re not telling yet. Here are two teasers.

Alex Grace. Supreme Agent. Good guy or bad guy?

Alex Grace. Supreme Agent. Good guy or bad guy?

His name is Alex Grace. Is he bad guy or a good guy?  Supreme agent. License to kill. He saves worlds for a living. He’s out to kill Liz Wynter.

Shane Tucker. Liz's best friend. Will she survive?

Shane Tucker. Liz’s best friend. Will she survive?

Her name is Shane Tucker. She’s Liz’s best friend. She in love with Liz, but Liz likes boys. At the end of Wynter #1 something really bad happened to her.




Wynter Sketchbook – Released Tomorrow!

In New Worlds Comics, every first issue of a title is also followed by the artist’s sketchbook: a collection of sketches and concept art that led to the creation of the title you love.

Tomorrow we will release the Wynter sketchbook by artist Aron Elekes.

Here is a preview of the first few pages.






Teaser: Wynter #2 Art

As you know from Wynter #1, it’s the future. When 17-year-old Liz Wynter wakes up, she checks how many people are subscribed to her dreams, and how many people saw them.

It’s the future and there are so many people that everything’s been though of before, everything’s been done, and every DNA combination has been born into before. Every day, 3 people with your DNA are born.

There’s just no way to be special.

Now, I want spoil anything. But something really bad happened towards the end of Wynter #1. The bottom line is this: The only way for Liz Wynter to survive, is to become truly special.

Check out some of Aron Elekes’ incredible art from Wynter #2. (No texts, no spoilers)!

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.