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Wynter #4 Is HOT!

If you missed it: Wynter #4 is now available in ComiXology!

And the reviews are in!

“Mr. Hasson has a great vivid imagination and a unique way of telling a futuristic story like Ridley Scott or George Lucas.” – Geeks with Wives

“I can’t recommend Wynter highly enough.” – Comic Crusaders

“If you are looking for a high-stakes science fiction story with a strong female lead don’t miss this book.” – Rhymes with Geek

“I get a feeling this title will never disappoint.” – Fortress of Solitude

“The art in this book is impeccable.” – Bag & Bored


Get  your Wynter #4 now!

Wynter #4 Cover

Wynter #4 Cover

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get your Wynter #4 now!

Goof #3 Released!

Goof #3 can now be found in New Worlds Comics digital store.

The aliens have kidnapped Melody! It’s Nick Knickerbocker, the poorly-named Captain Gorgeous, to the rescue!

How bad will he mess this up? Will the operation be a success while the patient dies? Will Melody have all her limbs when it’s done?

Our promise to you: You will laugh out loud!

Goof #3 cover

Goof #3 cover

To read Goof, click here from your iPad.

New Release: Goof #2 Now Online!

You loved Goof #1? You laughed at Goof #1?

Goof #2 is now available for sale online! From your iPad, click here.

The inappropiately-named Captain Gorgeous is up to his old tricks: Can he follow the love of his life without her noticing? Can he make a better first impression the second time around?

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Nerdlocker reviewed Goof #2:

“Hillarious!” “I highly recommend this book.” “It’s a nice way to just have fun.” 

Here are the reviews for Goof #1:

“I recommend Goof for any realistic superhero fans who enjoy a good laugh when reading.” – World of Superheroes

“This book is an absolute riot. I found myself laughing out loud.”
“This is definitely a book to look out for!” – Following the Nerd

““Funny!” “It’s great fun! I really liked it!” – Nerdlocker

From your iPad, get Goof #2 here.