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New Podcast: Don’t Be Like Captain Kirk!

A new Comics Empower podcast is out! And it’s all about how artists are influenced by others!

And, yes, there is a little bit of Star Trek repartee towards the end.

Check it out!

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Quality Does Not Win Out, But…!

Comics Empower podcast, episode #18 is out!

Our heroes cover:

  • Does Walt Disney prove that quality wins out or that quality doesn’t win out?
  • The most horrible Game of Thrones episode!
  • Readers’ questions! How to create comic books, how indie comics can succeed, and what IS success?


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All-New, All-Different Avengers – Do Fans Want New or Same?

What do YOU hear when you read “All-New, All-Different Avengers?”
What I hear is: “All-New, All-Different Same-Same.”

Clearly, yes, this is a marketing thing. Based on the marketing premise that works, called “Loss Aversion”, where people are more afraid to lose out on some event or detail than to risk buying something new. (Full details here:

But that’s not what I care about. What I care about here is the point of view of the readers.

New or Same?

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What Is a Comic Book Worth?

Check out the newest Comics Empower podcast episode!

As usual, we talk about the stuff no one else talks about.

This time, we talk about:

  • What is a comic book really worth?
  • Have we lost our artistic integrity?
  • We answer Peter David’s comment about whether indies should use superheroes.
  • Why do people really buy comics?
  • Two brand new Comics Empower stories!

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Empowering Nudity in Comics – A Grown-Up Discussion

Check out the newest episode of the Comics Empower podcast.

As usual, we talk about the stuff no one else talks about.

This time, we have a grown-up discussion about nudity in comics: How to make sure it is empowering, what traps to avoid, and so much more!


Check out episode #11 of the Comics Empower podcast.

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The 3 Reasons Why Indies Should Never Use Superheroes

The longer I’ve been an indie comic book publisher, the more I became convinced of the very simple rule: Indies should never use superheroes. Never.

Most indies do use comic books. Some think they can do better than Marvel and DC. Some just want to write superheroes but  don’t work for The Big Two. And others want to get The Big Two’s attention.

But many indies actually want to create something special, something unique, something artistic.

Well: Superheroes are not the way to do it!

Here’s why.

Are you using superheroes? Bad indie! Bad indie!

Are you using superheroes? Bad indie! Bad indie!

Reason #1: You Will Always Be in the Shadow

Marvel and DC, together, have more than 100 years advantage on you.

Look at superheroes as an environment – a vacuum that can be filled and has been filled by The Big Two: You’ve already got the super strong one, you’ve got the fast one, the invisible one, the stretchy one, the spider one, the octopus one, the vulture one, the cat one, the bat one, the dark one, the funny one, the sad one, the psychopath one, the boy one, the girl one, the dog one, the future one, the past one, and literally thousands more.

DC and Marvel have had decades to fill the ‘vacuum’ in the ‘environment’ – each one has his or her own niche.

Anything you do in a populated environment (overpopulated, actually,) will be just a teeny tiny spec in that environment. You will be a shadow on the wall, if you’re lucky.

Reason #2: You Will Never Be Big

If you look at superhero stories as an environment, you’ll see that all the big spaces are occupied.

You were hoping to carve out a big space for yourself? Well, if you write your own superhero, you won’t get one. The positions have been filled.

Reason #3: You Will Never Own Your Success

In the unlikely event that you become successful with an indie superhero comic book, you will never own your own success.

The ‘superhero’ is not trademarked by The Big Two. But the concept might as well be.

You will always be ‘another superhero’. You will always be a variation on decades of comics, TV, and films that have already been done.

Your success will be The Big Two’s success, as well. And they’ll profit more from it than you will. Any superhero you use, will feed their brand. Because even thought they don’t legally own it, they physically do.


So what’s the solution? How can indies succeed? How can indies become big?

There is a way! Here it is:


The Solution: OWN Your Success!

The solution is to write into an ‘environment’ that’s not over-populalted.

In fact, there are so many genres, so many types of stories that could be explored and created, so many tales to tell – that there are thousands of empty environments for you to choose from!

We are so stuck in our belief that comics should be about superheroes, that we can’t see that ‘superheroes’ are just a miniscule part of what can be done and achieved in comics.

Own your success!

Own your success!

Rather than play in someone else’s enviroment with superheroes that are all-but owned by Marvel and DC, why not carve out your own empire with your original material?

If you write about superheroes, you won’t carve out any empire, not even a small one. You’ll just be a shadow on someone else’s wall.

Sure, it’s hard to do. But did you really think you could become big by doing something easy?


What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments!



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How Marvel and DC Can Get Back Millions of Readers

If you’re a Marvel/DC fan, you’re probably thinking: “Marvel and DC don’t need your help, they’re doing pretty well!”

If you’re an indie that’s out to create something new and better, you’re probably thinking: “Don’t help Marvel and DC. They’re the competition!”

And if you’re Marvel and DC, you’re probably thinking, “Who’s this pipsqueak?”

But here’s the truth: Marvel and DC are not the indies’ competition. The $3 spent on my comic book is not $3 that would have been spent on Spider-Man or Batman, and vice versa.

We’re not actually competing with each other. Actually, we all have the same purpose: Creating something great!

But: If you’re thinking The Big Two are doing pretty well, you’re looking at it backwards.

Let’s look at the numbers: According to Diamond Distribution numbers, most bestsellers sell around 100,000 copies a month and another 100,000 over the next year. We’re used to thinking those are great numbers.

However, over the last forty years, there have been millions and millions of fans that have bought Spider-Man (as an example) religiously for a few years and stopped.

Imagine if they hadn’t stopped.

Imagine if all the Spider-Man fans who wanted to read his adventures and probably still do would buy the next issue. There would probably 7 to 10 millions sales that month, wouldn’t there?

Now that 100,000 seems pretty low, doesn’t it?

The question is: Where did all these readers go? Why are they no longer buying Spider-Man? (I use Spider-Man only as an example of an ever-popular and fan-loved character – there are more, of course.)

First we’ll talk about what went wrong. Then we’ll talk about how it can be fixed.

What Went Wrong?

Here’s the thing. The Big Two aim their wares at teenagers.

And that’s great! Teenagers are the age to get into comic books.

The problem is: The more the teenagers grow up, the less the comic books they fell in love with talk to them.

As the fans get older, they slowly drift away from the title that they loved so much, the titles that they had to run to the comic book store to get.

It’s not that the fans grow out of comics, it’s that the comics stop talking to them.

Sure, you’ll still find forty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds buying Spider-Man. But most won’t. It’s not aimed at them anymore. It’s as if The Big Two are begging their fans to not continue reading.

How to Fix It

Imagine a comics world that works differently.

Imagine yourself falling in love with a character (Spider-Man, Batman or whatever) and then, as you grow up, the character grows up with you.

Now, I don’t mean that the character has to age. I don’t mean that at age thirty-something (on average) the character should have a kid, just so that most people that age could identify with her/him.

What I mean is:

  • The complexity of the story needs to become more complex as the years go by.
  • The dilemmas and conflicts that the character goes through age with the readers.
  • The character needs to grow up emotionally. I don’t mean that the character should just learn a lesson here and there: But to truly grow up and to truly change.

Imagine if Marvel or DC would have done that to Spider-Man or Superman (for example). Most of the 100,000-200,000 new readers that they accrued each year twenty years ago would still be reading them today – which means that millions would buy each issue!

And while Marvel and DC become even richer – so would we. Emotionally, at least, as the quality of stories would no doubt improve.

Think about it. Think what that would look like.


This Is Advice for Indies, Too

I don’t think The Big Two are going to take my advice – it’s too big a change, and therefore scary. I don’t even think they read this pipsqueak’s blog.

But I do think that we indies can behave the way they can’t.

What they don’t do because they are such huge momentum machines, we indies can do without a problem.

Let’s change the landscape! Let’s involve all our readers! Let’s talk to them like they’re adults! Let’s create new types of stories that have the depth of emotional growth, of learning, of change!

And, yes, this pipsqueak is definitely putting his money where his mouth is. Sure, with our flagship title, Wynter, and the upcoming Time Warriors. But even more than that: We’re going to completely change the landscape with the upcoming Lost in Dreams.

But this article isn’t about that – and news about Lost is Dreams is to come. So if you want to keep updated with how I plan to change the comics landscape, sign up for the weekly newsletter at the top right of this page!

In the meantime, think about this the next time you pick up a comic from The Big Two. Think how you should be treated like an adult.

And then start acting like it – and demand stories that are suited for you!


And join our revolution! Sign up for the newsletter! Help us change the world!

Announcing: Our Comics Empower Podcast!

New Worlds Comics is proud to announce the launch of our new podcast!

The name: Comics Empower

Its five year mission: A behind-the-curtains look at what it’s like to run and grow an indie comic book company.

The Link: Download it out on iTunes here.

Who’s in It? Guy Hasson, CEO and head writer of New Worlds Comics, and Vincent Kings, New Worlds Comics artist for Wynter.

This podcast is alive thanks to you, the fans! We asked for your help in finding our name, our music, and our editor.

Details about Episode #1: When Inspiration Strikes

Wanna know more? Get it here!

I mean, seriously, get it here!


Don’t have an Apple/iTunes device? Listen to it directly here: