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How Marvel and DC Can Get Back Millions of Readers

If you’re a Marvel/DC fan, you’re probably thinking: “Marvel and DC don’t need your help, they’re doing pretty well!”

If you’re an indie that’s out to create something new and better, you’re probably thinking: “Don’t help Marvel and DC. They’re the competition!”

And if you’re Marvel and DC, you’re probably thinking, “Who’s this pipsqueak?”

But here’s the truth: Marvel and DC are not the indies’ competition. The $3 spent on my comic book is not $3 that would have been spent on Spider-Man or Batman, and vice versa.

We’re not actually competing with each other. Actually, we all have the same purpose: Creating something great!

But: If you’re thinking The Big Two are doing pretty well, you’re looking at it backwards.

Let’s look at the numbers: According to Diamond Distribution numbers, most bestsellers sell around 100,000 copies a month and another 100,000 over the next year. We’re used to thinking those are great numbers.

However, over the last forty years, there have been millions and millions of fans that have bought Spider-Man (as an example) religiously for a few years and stopped.

Imagine if they hadn’t stopped.

Imagine if all the Spider-Man fans who wanted to read his adventures and probably still do would buy the next issue. There would probably 7 to 10 millions sales that month, wouldn’t there?

Now that 100,000 seems pretty low, doesn’t it?

The question is: Where did all these readers go? Why are they no longer buying Spider-Man? (I use Spider-Man only as an example of an ever-popular and fan-loved character – there are more, of course.)

First we’ll talk about what went wrong. Then we’ll talk about how it can be fixed.

What Went Wrong?

Here’s the thing. The Big Two aim their wares at teenagers.

And that’s great! Teenagers are the age to get into comic books.

The problem is: The more the teenagers grow up, the less the comic books they fell in love with talk to them.

As the fans get older, they slowly drift away from the title that they loved so much, the titles that they had to run to the comic book store to get.

It’s not that the fans grow out of comics, it’s that the comics stop talking to them.

Sure, you’ll still find forty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds buying Spider-Man. But most won’t. It’s not aimed at them anymore. It’s as if The Big Two are begging their fans to not continue reading.

How to Fix It

Imagine a comics world that works differently.

Imagine yourself falling in love with a character (Spider-Man, Batman or whatever) and then, as you grow up, the character grows up with you.

Now, I don’t mean that the character has to age. I don’t mean that at age thirty-something (on average) the character should have a kid, just so that most people that age could identify with her/him.

What I mean is:

  • The complexity of the story needs to become more complex as the years go by.
  • The dilemmas and conflicts that the character goes through age with the readers.
  • The character needs to grow up emotionally. I don’t mean that the character should just learn a lesson here and there: But to truly grow up and to truly change.

Imagine if Marvel or DC would have done that to Spider-Man or Superman (for example). Most of the 100,000-200,000 new readers that they accrued each year twenty years ago would still be reading them today – which means that millions would buy each issue!

And while Marvel and DC become even richer – so would we. Emotionally, at least, as the quality of stories would no doubt improve.

Think about it. Think what that would look like.


This Is Advice for Indies, Too

I don’t think The Big Two are going to take my advice – it’s too big a change, and therefore scary. I don’t even think they read this pipsqueak’s blog.

But I do think that we indies can behave the way they can’t.

What they don’t do because they are such huge momentum machines, we indies can do without a problem.

Let’s change the landscape! Let’s involve all our readers! Let’s talk to them like they’re adults! Let’s create new types of stories that have the depth of emotional growth, of learning, of change!

And, yes, this pipsqueak is definitely putting his money where his mouth is. Sure, with our flagship title, Wynter, and the upcoming Time Warriors. But even more than that: We’re going to completely change the landscape with the upcoming Lost in Dreams.

But this article isn’t about that – and news about Lost is Dreams is to come. So if you want to keep updated with how I plan to change the comics landscape, sign up for the weekly newsletter at the top right of this page!

In the meantime, think about this the next time you pick up a comic from The Big Two. Think how you should be treated like an adult.

And then start acting like it – and demand stories that are suited for you!


And join our revolution! Sign up for the newsletter! Help us change the world!

“In Hardships I Challenge My Inner Batman” – Jose’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Jose tells his story:

Growing up was rough.

I was bullied through junior high and high school.

People weren’t as sensitive to it as they are now, so I needed an escape.

Comics provided that perfect medium.

Through the adventures of my favorite heroes – Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man, I was able to enter a world where a scrawny kid like me could actually be a hero.

I felt empowered and still to to this day.

I admit till this day whenever I face a challenge or get nervous about me, I challenge my inner Batman and it gets me through.

I appreciate comics on a whole other level since from as young as I can remember, I draw.

I started by drawing my favorite cartoons and then branched out into drawing my favorite comic books.

I love the art and it continues to inspire me. Comics also represent my connection to my nerd communtiy, one which I’m proud to be a member of. Long live the comic book medium!


Follow Jose on Twitter.

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“I Use Comics to Spread Positive Messages” – Cyril’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Cyril tells his story: 

I am a writer and breaking into this industry is very difficult.

But in reading many different source materials I saw that there is space in the world for my work.

One of the best things about comics is that I am able to work with others to strengthen my story and to get a point made across to the readers.

I use comics to spread positive messages about human beings because there is enough negativity in the world already and the world needs to lighten up a little.

Reading so many great stories is escapism for me.

I hope my stories will one day be amongst the greats.


Find out more on Cyril by following him on Twitter!

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Let’s Fall in Love: Meet Rodrigo

We’ve got the Time Warriors series coming soon!

Let’s continue to meet the team and fall in love!

Meet Rodrigo. 

Here is how the script describes him:

RODRIGO. M. 19. South American. Brown in color. Muscular. Full of testosterone. Wants to fight. Loves to fight. Wants to chase women. Has a big male ego.

Here is his concept art:



Art by: Juan Manuel Almirón

Let’s Fall in Love: Meet Alexei

Our new Time Warriors series is coming soon.

Let’s meet the team!

Today We Meet Alexei. 

From the script:

ALEXEI: M. 19. Of Russian descent. He’s 19, but he’s an old war horse. He is a soldier in his bones. He drinks like a soldier, smokes like a soldier, and does not let anything affect him too much, like an old soldier. He does not get excited from war but will be the best soldier he can be. All his family, for generations, have been soldiers.

Here’s the original concept art for Alexei:

Alexei Concept Art

Alexei Concept Art

Alexei Sketch

Alexei getting ready for something big

Art: Juan Manuel Almirón

Calling All Comic Book Clubs!

Howdy Comic Book Clubs!

Are you in a comic book club? Do you know anyone in a comic book club? Then this post is for you!

New Worlds Comics would like to be in touch directly with the readers. This is the time to do it, as we are now shifting from being solely a digital comic book company to creating trade paperbacks of our comic books.

First out is Goof (see the cover and the reviews below), which has been resoundingly hailed as “hilarious” and “laugh-out-loud funny” across the board. The Goof TPB has Goof #1-#4 as well as some cool original artist concept art.

If you’re a comic book club, we’d love to send you the Goof TPB directly.

We'd love to send this to you

We’d love to send this to you

What Is Goof About?

Goof is a lighthearted slapstick comedy about the goofiest superhero in the world.

Meet Nick Knickerbocker, an awkward guy who is chosen by aliens to be Earth’s protector and only superhero. He has graduated from being a goof to a super goof. He can’t stop bumping into things, doing things the wrong way, or even saving cats from trees without killing them. Since his powers don’t work on his family, his older sister still beats him up, usually in front of camera. The media makes fun of him. And then one day… he falls in love… then messes everything up.

This is not a comic book about fighting. This is a comic book about Nick’s personal life and how hard (and hilarious) it is when you’re the clumsiest superhero anyone has ever seen.


No Risk

You don’t know Goof, I know that. You don’t have to take a risk. If you’re not sure, we’ll love to email you a free PDF copy of Goof #4 (a stand alone) so you can share with your group and see if you’d like to collectively order a few TPB’s for your club.


As Cheap as Possible

We want as many people as possible to enjoy this wonderful comedy.

So we will send it to you as cheaply as we can. You decide how many copies you want. The price will be at the cost stores buy it from us (cheaper than store price, obviously), and we will charge you nothing for shipping.

Interested? Email us here.

Check out the reviews on the back cover:

Check out the reviews

Check out the reviews


Geeks with Wives Cross-Post: Zappcon Cosplayers

This was originally published by Geeks with Wives by Casey Walsh as part of a series of cross-posts our two websites are doing. To check out various interviews from Zappcon that are still being posted, check out the Geeks with Wives website.

Zappcon Year One is in the books and Fresno’s first comic and gaming convention was a huge success. The floor was full of enthusiastic geeks stoked to be experiencing the Central Valley’s first premiere comic convention. Lucky for you Geeks With Wives was there in force to bring you all the Zappcon goodness. Besides having our very own panel (which we will talk about in future posts) the highlight for us as with every convention we attend is always the Cosplay. Zappcon attendees did not disappoint as local Cosplayers came out in droves and littered the show floor. Geeks With Wives being the huge fans of Cosplay that we are was given the opportunity by Zappcon to host the cosplay photo area and below are all of Zappcon’s awesome Cosplayers displaying their art for the world to see.

Zappcon Cosplay Contest and Convention Gallery


Not only did Zappcon draw a huge gathering of Cosplayers to the show floor. They also has a Cospaly Contest so local artists could strut their stuff on stage and show off the months of hard work and passion they put in their inspired Cosplays. Geeks With Wives was again a huge presence at the Cosplay contest with our very own Will Elizondo(Cosplaying as Tony Stark) hosting the event and Casey Walsh judging along with professional cosplayers Holly Brook and CSprankleRun the contest was a rousing success and the room was packed with attendees, cosplayers, and contestants.

To see the 5 million (more or less) cosplayer photos that were taken, check out the original post.


Nudity as Social Commentary in Our Comics

In the upcoming two months, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before. Two different titles just happen to have female nudity in them, where before there was no nudity in our titles.

Let’s have a grown-up discussion about that.

In my previous post, I talked about the empowering use of nudity in the upcoming title Time Warriors #1. This time, let’s talk about Wynter #4 and use it to take a wider look at the do’s and don’ts of nudity as art in comics.


How Nudity Shouldn’t Be Used

Here’s a list what nudity shouldn’t be.

  • Nudity shouldn’t be used for titillation in a story that’s meant to be honest. When a writer uses nudity because s/he knows it’ll bring more readers rather than because it fits the story, the story is less honest. Wynter is being FedEx-ed from my gut to yours. Considerations of popularity shouldn’t interfere with that.
  • Nudity shouldn’t be used to give an unrealistic view of the human body. Girls shouldn’t be made to feel bad because they don’t have unrealistic bodies. Boys shouldn’t learn to expect unrealistic bodies in girls. And vice versa.
  • Nudity shouldn’t be used in a way that steals the show. Nudity is such a focus taker that it’s hard to put anything before it or after it that won’t be forgotten. You have to be able to tame its effects and limit them or they’ll take over your story.
  • Nudity shouldn’t be used to cheapen our perception of the body. It’s so easy to go from “Whoa” to “Been there, seen that,” to “Borrring. How can we take that to the next step”. That last statement there is a slippery slope, and many teenagers can easily fall into an emotional place that cheapens the human body.


How Nudity Should Be Used

When you’re trying to empower people or, at the very least, not disempower or cheapen them, these are the various uses of nudity:

  • Make nudity empowering. Have you seen the film The Full Monty? If not, watch it now, I’ll wait. It doesn’t have full frontal nudity, but it’s the ideal movie on the subject. You can’t watch it without at the end feeling good about your body. That’s a great use of showing skin!
  • Use nudity to teach people something about themselves. In a TV show I’d written a long time ago (it did not get produced) I used the horror genre and nudity to show to the men in the audience that there’s a beast inside them all. I showed nudity in a titillating way only when the bad guys did something bad to the women. So whenever you, the man watching this, felt titillated and wanted what you were seeing, you were identifying with the animal part of the bad guy. So hopefully you would have realized that there is something of that beast in you.
  • Use nudity as social commentary. Case in point: Wynter #4. Our series, Wynter, shows us what the logical future of apps, iPhones, internet, and social media takes us, for good or bad. One example: Google Glass is just the beginning. In the future, we’ll all be recording everything all the time, from our eyes, and we’ll be able to post it immediately. So how often do you think pictures of nude or half nude girls/women will be posted on the web without them even knowing about it? That happens to our heroine in Wynter #4. And when it does, you don’t feel titillated, you feel violated. Because you’ve already identified with Liz Wynter, our heroine, and you know what a violation that is for her.

Here’s part of it:




Why Are We Having This Conversation?

I want to have a grown-up conversation about this.

I want you to have a look behind the curtain of New Worlds Comics.

I want you to know how seriously I take every decision and direction made by New Worlds Comics, and how deeply we consider things.

I want you to learn who we are, deep in our DNA.

And now I want to learn who you are. What do you think?

How to Make Nudity in Comics Empowering

Through a coincidence, two of our upcoming comic books, Time Warriors #1 and Wynter #4, have short scenes of female nudity in them.

Since New Worlds Comics is about giving girls and women stories and characters that empower them (as well as about giving boys and men stories those types of characters and plots) – I thought I’d talk to you about this.

So this post, and the next few ones, will explore this subject.

Let’s start with Time Warriors #1.


Why Is There Nudity in Time Warriors #1

Without spoiling the story, many of the characters in Time Warriors #1 get a chance to do whatever they want and then reverse time and take it back. Once they take it back, no one knows it ever happened except them. They retain the memory of the event, and no one else does.

One of the characters, Allison, is super shy. You know the type. What she chooses to do in those few hours is to walk naked in the street. She then gets to take it back – it never happened, except in her memory – and see what it felt like.

For that (and for another reason I won’t spoil) she needs to be seen naked in two of the pages in a series that is not at all about nudity, but about exploring yourself and who you are.

Sketch for Time Warriors #1, page 6

Sketch for Time Warriors #1, page 6


How to Make Nudity Empowering

First of all, the story has to be truthful. It has to be about real feeling and real emotions. Check out the sketch for this situation above. You can’t help but feel what she feels, and identify with her emotions.

It’s not about being titillating, it’s about being emotionally truthful, and being with the character and about the character’s emotional state.

So many comic books today draw female bodies to titillate. They give their females huge breasts, unrealistic bodies, and make them walk around half naked, quarter naked, eighth naked, and even one-sixteenth naked.

It translates to cash, after all. Young teens (and older, sure,) will be drawn to these and it will certainly increase sales.

The bad side of this is that it raises unrealistic expectations on the boys’ sides and it raises bad feelings on the girls’ sides because they can’t live up to those standards.


Realistic Bodies

Truth in story and emotion is one criteria. The second criteria is realistic bodies.

Here are the instructions I gave the artist before he drew the concept art:


“In New Worlds Comics I’m really trying to stay away from unrealistic bodies of both men and women. I’m trying to stay away from things that make teenagers, male and female, feel bad about themselves. So I don’t do the big breasts, which are very popular today, or the perfect, unrealistic women bodies. Not everyone is thin, not everyone has perfect proportions, and everyone has realistic breasts of different sizes. And in males I want to stay away from the unrealistically muscular men, the kind that you can only get if you work out many hours a day. Again, people need to be realistic, so that our audience can look at it and identify rather than feel bad. “

Here is the concept art he sent. As you can see, all the bodies are realistic. All the bodies are truthul. And Allison is naked in the concept art (something I’ve never seen before) because the artist, Juan Manuel Almirón, wanted to prove to me that he will remain true to real bodies and not draw bodies the way they are drawn.

And prove it he did.

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

Time Warriors concept art

See? Only realistic breasts, realistic bodies (for both the male and the female characters). That’s what we’re about.


Comic books should grow the hell up and talk to people honestly!


Now it’s your turn. What do you think about nudity or female bodies in comics?


Did you enjoy this article? Check out the second article in the series: Nudity as Social Commentary in Our Comics.

A New Series Is Coming!

Ready to fall in love with new chracters? A new series is coming.

We’re not going to tell you what it is yet. We’re not going to tell you who’s in it and what’s it about. We’re not even going to tell you its name…

For now, here are original concept art of some of the main characters. Can you guess who you’ll fall in love with?

Meet the team!

Meet the team!

Artist: Juan Manuel Almirón