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Quick Recap: What’s in the Store?

Hello and welcome (back) to New Worlds Comics. Let’s have a quick recap about what comics you can find in our store.


17-year-old Liz Wynter lives in a future where no one can be special. She’s determined to prove everyone wrong.

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Price: $1.99



Goof is a wacky sex comedy. Meet Nick Knickerbocker, one of the goofiest people on the planet. A (seemingly) benevolent alien race give him superpowers, turning him from a goof to a super goof.

He’s Earth only superhero. But can Earth survive the experience?

Goof is published monthly.

Goof #1 Cover

Goof #1 Cover

Price: $1.99

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Price: $1.99


The sketchbooks

New Worlds Comics publishes an artist’s sketchbook of every #1 issue we publish. The sketchbooks include original art, concept art, drafts of pages, and more.

Artist's Sketchbook: Goof #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Goof #1

Price: $0.99


Artist's Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Price: $0.99

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New Release: Goof #2 Now Online!

You loved Goof #1? You laughed at Goof #1?

Goof #2 is now available for sale online! From your iPad, click here.

The inappropiately-named Captain Gorgeous is up to his old tricks: Can he follow the love of his life without her noticing? Can he make a better first impression the second time around?

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Nerdlocker reviewed Goof #2:

“Hillarious!” “I highly recommend this book.” “It’s a nice way to just have fun.” 

Here are the reviews for Goof #1:

“I recommend Goof for any realistic superhero fans who enjoy a good laugh when reading.” – World of Superheroes

“This book is an absolute riot. I found myself laughing out loud.”
“This is definitely a book to look out for!” – Following the Nerd

““Funny!” “It’s great fun! I really liked it!” – Nerdlocker

From your iPad, get Goof #2 here.

Confessions of a Goof: Goof #2 Letters Page

In the Goof #1 letters page, I confessed that I am a goof myself.

In the Goof #2 letters page I show you how wide the disease is. Here’s a preview of the Goof #2 letters page.

Following last issue’s confession that I’m a goof, here is a small taste of my own goofiness as exhibited in the real world in the last four weeks:

Item #1: I was in a great rush and already late to get somewhere. I parked the car as quickly as I could, exited it, and started running… only to get thrown back at the car because my coat was caught in the closed door.
Item #2: A toddler was playing with a cup of tea on a table at a friends’ house. In attempting to save the table from spilled tea, I reached for the cup of tea only to spill another full cup of tea. I quickly apologized and started cleaning the mess, only to spill the first cup of tea in the process.

These are real-life events. Don’t laugh. Don’t you dare laugh! This is a harsh reality I have to live with every day.

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Being a life-long goof has its good sides. For example, forty years of walking into doors and bumping my head into corners of low shelves have made me hyper-vigilant against things like doors and the fact that they open on occasion. Sometimes in my direction.

When you’re a goof, it’s good to be surrounded by supportive friends who understand your condition and know that God made you that way for a reason.

For example, every couple of days something like this happens: It’s morning, almost time to leave the house, when my wife comes from behind me and whispers in my ear, “You were going to put on pants.” “Oh, right,” I say. Only fifteen seconds earlier, I had declared I was going to put on my pants (I declare these things; don’t look too deep into that). Then a stray thought came to me, and when I snapped out of it, 1.5 seconds later, I began to look around trying to remember what I was searching for. The end of this story has been told elsewhere on this page.

I don’t only forget what I was going to do a few seconds ago. I also forget words. Now, I’m a writer, so I’m good with words. But I’ve been forgetting words since I was six. I mean really simple words.

It becomes embarrassing when you have to have to tell your four year old child, “Hey! Get down! Get down! Don’t stand on the… on the… What’s that thing you’re standing on?” “Table,” she says. “Right. Don’t stand on the table!”

So… I’m a goof. So are other people.

But… Does a goof really have to stay a goof? Can a goof become not a goof? Why are goofs goofs? These are actually questions we’re going to look at in Goof. Starting, in fact, next issue, when our hero, Nick Knickerbocker, the unfortunately-named Captain Gorgeous, gets too close a look at his own goofiness. Which brings us to next issue.

Next Issue: [Spoiler alert. Deleted.]

Are you a goof? Do you have similar stories to tell? Do you think goofs can stop being goofs? Why do you think we’re goofs in the first place?

Goof #2 will be out later this week. Have you read Goof #1?

Goof Sketchbook: Released Tomorrow!

In New Worlds Comics, every first issue of a title is also followed by the artist’s sketchbook: a collection of sketches and concept art that led to the creation of the title you love.

Tomorrow we will release the Goof sketchbook by artist Guillermo Ramirez.

Here is a preview of the first few pages.




Get Your Letters Published in Goof #2

The great thing about a 1 issue is that the series is so brand new that almost any letter you write will get published in the letters page.

Did you read Goof #1? Goof #2 is coming out next week! (On Tuesday, April 1st.) You can make it into the letters page!

Tell us what you thought! Ask questions! Chances are, your letter will make it in and be read by everybody! Also, you’ll get answers.

What’d you think of Nick? What’d you think of the borderline homicidal twins? What’d you think of his sister? Are you afraid to meet his mother? What’d you think of Melody? Would you have gone through the door? Will Nick be able to create a good second impression? How deep do you think the first impression was? (Ba-dum-bum!) (I made that joke without spoiling the ending!)

Send your mail to:

Send us your letters!

And if you haven’t read Goof #1 yet, what are you waiting for? Get your iPad out and click here!

Goof #1 Cover

Goof #1 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Preview

Goof #2 will hit the New Worlds Comics app on Tuesday, April 1st.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Goof #2, Page 1


Here’s what reviewers had to say about Goof:

“This book is an absolute riot. I found myself laughing out loud.”
“This is definitely a book to look out for!” – Following the Nerd

““Funny!” “It’s great fun! I really liked it!” – Nerdlocker

“I recommend Goof for any realistic superhero fans who enjoy a good laugh when reading.” – World of Superheroes

Have you read Goof #1? Get on your iPad and click here.