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Announcing: The Goof Trade Paperback!

New Worlds Comics is proud to announce the Goof tradepaperback!

The TP will have Goof #1-#4, plus some original sketch pages.

The TP is done through partnership with Shalgi Comics, and is just the beginning. Within a few months, we’ll announce the Wynter trade paperback, and a launch of a new fantasy graphic novel series, Lost in Dreams.

Check out the front and back covers!



Cover of Goof #4 Revealed!

Goof is back!

The slapstick sex comedy takes a turn when Captain Gorgeous, who can’t save a cat from a tree, needs to save a girl from committing suicide. Will he be able to do it?

Goof #4 Cover

Goof #4 Cover


You’ve all ready Goof, right?

If you haven’t, now’s your chance! From your iPad, click here.

Don’t have an iPad? Big news is coming! Stick around!

Goof #4 Teaser

Goof #4 is coming around the corner. Here’s a teeny tiny taste. Enjoy!

Art: Borja Pindado. Script: Guy Hasson.

Goof #4, Page 1

Goof #4, Page 1

Want to catch up on Goof #1, #2, and #3? Get them by clicking from your iPad here.

Review Roundup: Goof #3 Is FUNNY!

Goof #3 was released yesterday, and the reviews are in.

Here’s a roundup of yesterday’s reviews:

Two Shots to the Head said, “A light, refreshing break from the usual comics seriousness and as ever it succeeds in delivering several titters along the way.”

Adventures in Poor Taste said, “Killer dialogue.” “Really cool and unique art.” “Still not morally sound.” And added “The erection jokes are pretty darn hilarious. This book is definitely worth its cover price just for the lols.”

Nerdlocker’s video review said, “I’m a huge fan of this book!” “It’s just very funny!”

Goof #3 cover

Goof #3 cover

Read Goof now! From your iPad, click here.



Goof #3 Released!

Goof #3 can now be found in New Worlds Comics digital store.

The aliens have kidnapped Melody! It’s Nick Knickerbocker, the poorly-named Captain Gorgeous, to the rescue!

How bad will he mess this up? Will the operation be a success while the patient dies? Will Melody have all her limbs when it’s done?

Our promise to you: You will laugh out loud!

Goof #3 cover

Goof #3 cover

To read Goof, click here from your iPad.

Goof #3 Preview

Have  you met Michelle, Captain Gorgeous’ niece? She’s up to something in Goof #3.

Have you met Michelle?

Goof #3 will be released next Tuesday, May 13th. Here are the preview pages, as a teaser:


Want to read Goof #1 and #2? From your iPad, click here.

Quick Recap: What’s in the Store?

Hello and welcome (back) to New Worlds Comics. Let’s have a quick recap about what comics you can find in our store.


17-year-old Liz Wynter lives in a future where no one can be special. She’s determined to prove everyone wrong.

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Price: $1.99



Goof is a wacky sex comedy. Meet Nick Knickerbocker, one of the goofiest people on the planet. A (seemingly) benevolent alien race give him superpowers, turning him from a goof to a super goof.

He’s Earth only superhero. But can Earth survive the experience?

Goof is published monthly.

Goof #1 Cover

Goof #1 Cover

Price: $1.99

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Price: $1.99


The sketchbooks

New Worlds Comics publishes an artist’s sketchbook of every #1 issue we publish. The sketchbooks include original art, concept art, drafts of pages, and more.

Artist's Sketchbook: Goof #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Goof #1

Price: $0.99


Artist's Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Price: $0.99

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New Release: Goof #2 Now Online!

You loved Goof #1? You laughed at Goof #1?

Goof #2 is now available for sale online! From your iPad, click here.

The inappropiately-named Captain Gorgeous is up to his old tricks: Can he follow the love of his life without her noticing? Can he make a better first impression the second time around?

Goof #2 Cover

Goof #2 Cover

Nerdlocker reviewed Goof #2:

“Hillarious!” “I highly recommend this book.” “It’s a nice way to just have fun.” 

Here are the reviews for Goof #1:

“I recommend Goof for any realistic superhero fans who enjoy a good laugh when reading.” – World of Superheroes

“This book is an absolute riot. I found myself laughing out loud.”
“This is definitely a book to look out for!” – Following the Nerd

““Funny!” “It’s great fun! I really liked it!” – Nerdlocker

From your iPad, get Goof #2 here.