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Sad News: Aron Elekes to Leave After Wynter #4

If you’re a Wynter fan, I’ve got bad news and good news.

The bad news is that, after Wynter #4, Aron Elekes will be forced to leave Wynter due to unavoidable personal reasons.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the good news, and the supremely talented artist who will take over the art duties in Wynter. But today let’s talk about the amazing Aron Elekes.

Aron Elekes is a genius. He is equal to the top tier of comic book artists, and better than perhaps most of them.

During his time in New Worlds Comics, he made sure that every page of Wynter is a work of art, never a product. He is a true artist and will be sorely missed.

If you want to personally say how much you appreciated his work, please tweet at him and tell him how much you loved his work! His Twitter handle is: @AronElekes with the hashtag #LoveUAron

He will be missed, and we were super lucky to have him!

Here’s some of his fantastic work:

Wynter 1, Page 4

Wynter 1, Page 4

Artist Aron Elekes helps me achieve the dream

The Wynter #2 promo when it came out in April

The Wynter #2 promo when it came out in April

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Art by Áron Elekes

Artist's Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Nudity as Social Commentary in Our Comics

In the upcoming two months, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before. Two different titles just happen to have female nudity in them, where before there was no nudity in our titles.

Let’s have a grown-up discussion about that.

In my previous post, I talked about the empowering use of nudity in the upcoming title Time Warriors #1. This time, let’s talk about Wynter #4 and use it to take a wider look at the do’s and don’ts of nudity as art in comics.


How Nudity Shouldn’t Be Used

Here’s a list what nudity shouldn’t be.

  • Nudity shouldn’t be used for titillation in a story that’s meant to be honest. When a writer uses nudity because s/he knows it’ll bring more readers rather than because it fits the story, the story is less honest. Wynter is being FedEx-ed from my gut to yours. Considerations of popularity shouldn’t interfere with that.
  • Nudity shouldn’t be used to give an unrealistic view of the human body. Girls shouldn’t be made to feel bad because they don’t have unrealistic bodies. Boys shouldn’t learn to expect unrealistic bodies in girls. And vice versa.
  • Nudity shouldn’t be used in a way that steals the show. Nudity is such a focus taker that it’s hard to put anything before it or after it that won’t be forgotten. You have to be able to tame its effects and limit them or they’ll take over your story.
  • Nudity shouldn’t be used to cheapen our perception of the body. It’s so easy to go from “Whoa” to “Been there, seen that,” to “Borrring. How can we take that to the next step”. That last statement there is a slippery slope, and many teenagers can easily fall into an emotional place that cheapens the human body.


How Nudity Should Be Used

When you’re trying to empower people or, at the very least, not disempower or cheapen them, these are the various uses of nudity:

  • Make nudity empowering. Have you seen the film The Full Monty? If not, watch it now, I’ll wait. It doesn’t have full frontal nudity, but it’s the ideal movie on the subject. You can’t watch it without at the end feeling good about your body. That’s a great use of showing skin!
  • Use nudity to teach people something about themselves. In a TV show I’d written a long time ago (it did not get produced) I used the horror genre and nudity to show to the men in the audience that there’s a beast inside them all. I showed nudity in a titillating way only when the bad guys did something bad to the women. So whenever you, the man watching this, felt titillated and wanted what you were seeing, you were identifying with the animal part of the bad guy. So hopefully you would have realized that there is something of that beast in you.
  • Use nudity as social commentary. Case in point: Wynter #4. Our series, Wynter, shows us what the logical future of apps, iPhones, internet, and social media takes us, for good or bad. One example: Google Glass is just the beginning. In the future, we’ll all be recording everything all the time, from our eyes, and we’ll be able to post it immediately. So how often do you think pictures of nude or half nude girls/women will be posted on the web without them even knowing about it? That happens to our heroine in Wynter #4. And when it does, you don’t feel titillated, you feel violated. Because you’ve already identified with Liz Wynter, our heroine, and you know what a violation that is for her.

Here’s part of it:




Why Are We Having This Conversation?

I want to have a grown-up conversation about this.

I want you to have a look behind the curtain of New Worlds Comics.

I want you to know how seriously I take every decision and direction made by New Worlds Comics, and how deeply we consider things.

I want you to learn who we are, deep in our DNA.

And now I want to learn who you are. What do you think?

Wynter Art Exhibition

World-class artist, Aron Elekes, who does the art for Wynter, just had an exhibition of Wynter art!

New Worlds Comics is dedicated to making comic books that are art, not product. We create art in story as well as in the visual medium. And Aron Elekes’ art is certainly a prime example of that.

Congratulations, Aron!

From the Wynter art exhibition.


From the Wynter art exhibition.


(More pictures after the break.) Continue reading

Easter Eggs: Artist Self Portraits

It seems that New Worlds Comics artists like to put Easter eggs in their art. In fact, they like to hide themselves in their own art.

Here is our first Easter egg, from Goof #1, where artist Guillermo Ramirez placed himself in a bus Captain Gorgeous was ‘saving’.

Guillermo Ramirez in Goof #1

Guillermo Ramirez in Goof #1

Here is a little Eater egg from the upcoming Wynter #3. A futuristic sci-fi policeman is listening to something quite surprising. Yet his face looks uncannily like Aron Elekes’ face.

Aron Elekes in Wynter #3

Aron Elekes in Wynter #3

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Wynter for Everyone! Countdown: 1 Day!

Tomorrow, on Wednesday, the 28th, Wynter #1 will become available in ComiXology across all platforms.


It’s the future. When 17-year-old Liz Wynter goes to sleep, commercials play in her head. When she wakes up, she checks out how many people followed her dreams and how many saw them.

It’s the future. When she feels special, a voice in her head tells her: “5.4 Billion+ had the same feeling in the last 4 seconds. Would you like to know who they are?”

How can you feel special when everything’s been done before, been felt before, been thought of before? How can you be special if there are so many people in the galaxy that every day three more are born with your DNA?

This is the story of Liz Wynter. She’s not special.

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Artist's Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Wynter for Everyone! Countdown: 2 Days!

On Wednesday, the 28th, Wynter #1 will become available in ComiXology.

This means that anyone with an iPhone, iPad, android, Kindle, or even just a computer will be able to read Wynter #1. Wynter #2, of course, will be available quickly afterwards.

Here’s what reviewers had to say about Wynter:

The surprise science fiction hit of the year!‘ – Geeks with Wives.

If you call yourself a science fiction fan this shouldn’t be required reading but necessary for you to exist.‘ – Adventures in Poor Taste. 

Once in a while a new book shows up out of nowhere and reminds you why you love comics in the first place.‘ Rhymes with Geek. 

Sci-Fi extravaganza!‘ Fortress of Solitude. 


And, since we’re using the countdown to look back, here are the wonderful promos we used for the Wynter #2 premiere, from the unbelievably-talented Aron Elekes:

This is Shane. Liz Wynter’s best friend. In love with Liz, who, unfortunately, likes guys.

Alex Grace. Supreme Agent. License to kill. His target: Liz Wynter.

“Wynter Is the Surprise Science Fiction of the Year!”

It’s interesting to see how people react to new comic books as they slowly become popular.

With New Worlds Comics we have the unique position of observing this with Wynter. From the very first review of Wynter, to the next and to the next Wynter came out unbelievably strong out of the gate. With the release of Wynter #2, more and more reviews raved about Wynter.

The interesting dynamic of a new comic book is that review after review after review will come in. At first, it’s surprising. People aren’t sure what to expect or how to talk about it. Then slowly, somehow, a single review solidifies everything that’s come before and catches the zeitgeist with one sentence.

That review just came out by Geeks with Wives. Here is the sentence: “Wynter is the surprise science fiction hit of the year.”

Read the entire review here.

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover


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Last Week in Reviews: Wynter Is Hot!

Wynter #2 came out this week. Hot on last week’s raving reviews Living Myth Media named Wynter #2 one in its top 5 comics list.

In addition to which, more reviews came out! Here’s what they had to say:


Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Adventures in Poor Taste said: “The painting by Aron Elekes is astounding. The quality is Alex Ross levels, but the layouts and pages are much more dreamlike and inventive than anything Ross has ever done. ” “Recommended!”

Living Myth Magazine started its review with “Well, fuck.” continued with “The art is mind-blowingly good” and ended with “some of the best sci-fi we’ve read in a while.” On Twitter they added “The concept is purest genius.”

Geeks with Wives said: “I recommend this book especially for Sci-fi buffs and hopefully you will be hooked as much as I am.”

Wynter #2 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover

ComicOpa loved Wynter, and stressed the realistic portrayal of a female protagonist, rare in comic books.

Bag & Bored said, “Wynter is here and it’s awesome.”

Two Shots to the Head said, “Wynter continues to impress.”


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