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Be Different!

New Worlds Comics - Be Different!


Remember why you liked comic books in the first place?

Because comic books empower!

New Worlds Comics is about giving you that core experience in a way that’s releavant to our times.


Here’s our manifesto:

Empowering women. Women are heroes. Most (not all) of our titles will have women as the protagonists. If you think women can’t be heroes (super- or otherwise), look out the window. Female secondary characters, even in titles that have men as protagonists, will also be real women. Check out Liz Wynter in Wynter #1 to see what we mean. Our female and male characters will have realistic bodies.

Empowering artists. It’s hard making a living as an artist. Artists should be paid each time someone buys their art, regardless of having been paid for doing the work. Every time you buy a comic book, the artist and writer of that work gets a very nice percentage.

Empowering writers. A story is a writer’s dream. The essence of a story comes from the very core of the writer. One writer shouldn’t handle another’s story. One writer, one story – all the way through. And all our stories have endings. Some will be 12 issues, some 50, but all will end. This allows the writer to complete a genuine story from start to finish and to do whatever s/he wants withe characters.

Empowering readers! Readers have the power to choose quality. We strive for the highest quality in story and in art. You choose what to buy. When you choose quality, that changes the market just a little bit in the direction of quality. The more people choose quality stories, the more it becomes profitable for everyone to produce them.


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