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The Comics Empower Podcast

The Comics Empower Podcast is a 100% honest behind-the-scenes look at how to run and grow an indie comic book company.

We talk about subjects no one else talks about, in a thought-provoking way. We’re here to empower artists, writers, indie creators, and fans.

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Don’t have iTunes? Listen to all the episodes here (this page is updated weekly):


Episode #25: The Lies We Tell Ourselves


Episode #24: Don’t Be Like Captain Kirk


Episode #23: Creating Beauty!


Episode #22: Trolls, Nitpickers, and Naysayers – Oh My!


Episode #21: The Gamification of President Clinton


Episode #20: Live-Action Wynter?


Episode #19: The Lost Game of Thrones Episode + Comic Books for Adults!


Episode #18: Quality Does Not Win Out, But…


Episode #17: Why Being Different Is Good!


Episode #16: How Comic Con Led to a Periscope TV Show!


Episode #15: Why Create Female Heroes?


Episode #14: World-Building 101


Episode #13: Bullies and Self-Destructive Behavior


Episode #12: What Is a Comic Book Worth?


Episode #11: Empowering Nudity in Comics


Episode #10: Comic Books for the Visually Impaired


Episode #9: Optioning Your Comic Book to Hollywood


Episode #8: The Comic Book Business Plan


Episode #7: Killing Your Own Comic Book


Episode #6: What Good Are Reviews?


Episode #5: Writing Guidelines


Episode #4: Breaking into Comics


Episode #3: Putting the ‘Power’ in Indie Power


Episode #2: Nobody Calls Me Chicken!


Episode #1: When Inspiration Strikes.



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