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“How I Found Kate Kane: Strong. Defiant. Lesbian.” – Lily’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Lily tells her story: 

After 10 years as a plus size cosplayer, fighting an up hill battle of prejudice, politics and being bullied, I started to sour.

I had been a national runner-up 3 years running and no matter how much I sewed till my fingers bled (literally) and despite the skill level I knew I would never be given that first place.

My partner was crushed and I was miserable.

Searching online for something I could be excited about I typed into Google “DC Female Red Hair” hoping to find a character that wasn’t 3/4 naked. Who appeared but Kate Kane?

My partner laughed, went back to the TV while I read her profile.

Strong, defiant, lesbian. That was it!

I downloaded everything I could find and fell I love with her and her story. That then had me hunting everything Rucka. Then that lead me to Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey. That then lead me to Red Sonja. Within 3 months my book shelves were over flowing.

Batwoman then lead me back to horses where I now have a “birds of prey” team of mares.

I got my first tattoo, batwoman naturally.

It gave me a connection to a whole different community not so clicky/political. It gave me the push I needed to “soldier on” every time I start to waver.

Now my partner is a writer, I get to play editor and occasional PR.

I get to see her happy again, and I have never regretted stepping into a world that I once used to think was only for the boys!


Find out more about Lily on her Facebook page and on Twitter.

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