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“Comic Books Are My Core” – Adrianne’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Adrianne tells her story: 

How Comics Changed Me

Comics for me have been such a steady presence in my life from such a young age.

I basically grew up on Archie, DC, and Marvel and everything in between.

Comics at an early age offered an escape into alternate worlds.

Early on I considered the characters I read about to be my friends.

As a shy girl, comics offered me and my imagination a place to hang out for hours and hours.

Probably no surprise that I began drawing comics at the age of 9 on up.

The base of who I am come down to the wholesomeness of Archie and the uniqueness of Jughead.

Standing up, being there for others stems from my readings of Superman. Balancing a creative life with an adventurous life comes from my readings of Spiderman.

Comic books are my core. Not sure who I would be without them.

As a comic creator/writer, the feelings I have for comics is the same. Now, I get to create characters and share them with the world on a much wider scale. I am able to meet and talk to other like minds about comics.


To find out more about Adrianne, check out her page!

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