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“Storm Was the First Black Female Comic Character I Identified With” – Jamie’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Jamie tells her story: 

My name is Jamie Broadnax and I got my start into comics at the age of 10.

I fell in love with the comic book Excalibur because the women on the team roster outnumbered then men, and I loved seeing female superheroes. 

I also loved that that many of the villains in Technet were female too. 

I moved onto X-Men and became a collector because of Ororo Munroe.

Storm was the first Black female comic character I identified with and I also was a hardcore fan of seeing her depicted in the 90s X-Men Fox animated series.  I also collected Marvel cards as a kid and used to trade them with the neighborhood kids.

Comics are a great way to see empowering images of women who are crime fighters, but most importantly women who share the same human flaws we do— which for me is important.

I also felt a connection with various comic book characters because of the moments of humanity.  I get to escape and stay grounded at the same time.


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