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How All Indie Comics Publishers Can Be Stronger!

Are you an indie comics publisher? Me, too!

Are you having a problem reaching a wide audience to show your great comics to? So is everyone!

A few months ago I called for all indies to create The Indie Power Initiative. The website launches in a month. 

Tweet/Pin/Share this! The more people know, the stronger we are!

Tweet/Pin/Share this! The more people know, the stronger we are!


Imagine the solution: A hundred indie comics publishers with an average of 1,000 followers (for example). Each post they write about their comics is published by all, reaching 100 X 1,000 (= 100,000) followers!

Sound good? That’s what I thought.

The Indie Power Initiative is a massive megaphone that all indie comics publishers can use. 

To do it you just have to do two things:

1) Realize that we are not in competition. A dollar spent on your comic book is not a dollar that is not spent on mine. We are not in competition with each other.

2) Join the Indie Power Initiative now. If you’re not already in, join the bandwagon! If you’re already in, get other indie publishers you know to join in, too!


Here’s How This Works

  • Every member publishes one article per title that s/he has. Write and attach pictures in a way that you think sells your comic book the best.  Each article has a link to where the readers can buy that comic.
  • Every member can then also post in real time about releases of the titles s/he’s already written about as well as previews.
  • Every article that’s published is then tweeted about by ALL members of the Indie Power Initiative.

That is the basic premise of the Indie Power Initiative.

It costs nothing to join! It costs nothing to stay! All you have to do is keep promoting everyone’s content as well as yours!

No one gets preferred treatement!


Why Would This Work?

This should work on a few levels.

  • First, the megaphone. By definition, the more members we have, the more exposure each and every post about your comic books get. Period.
  • The more people come in, they can search the Indie Power website according to tags and genres to find titles in the spirit they like. Where else would fans be able to search such a wide array of indies?
  • The more we do this and the longer we do it, the more this becomes a Cause. People will finally have a way to celebrate their craving for indie comics, and they’ll talk to their friends about it, bringing in more people.
  • The more we do this and the longer we do it, the more we’ll be able to change people’s monetary behavior. People will get used to seeking and paying for indie comics. Right now, we’re spread all over the webת appealing to tiny audiences. In the future, we will hopefully amass a horde of indie lovers who are used to going for the website to decide what to buy.
  • Next: Exposure. The bigger we become, the more people talk about us, the more attention the website itself should get, and hopefully we’ll attract attention from the massive blogs/papers who can bring in a lot more readers than even we can working together.
  • Lastly: The daily newsletter. Once we start, we’ll start a daily newsletter. Visitors to the site can choose to opt in and have the daily newsletter, featuring that day’s articles. In the beginning, there should be an article a day, so the newsletter may not be daily. But once we’re up and running, there could be up to 5-6 articles a day, and a daily newsletter in a fan’s email folder may be the perfect way to absorb that info. There is nothing more personal on the web than an email, and daily exposure to the wide variety of indies is a perfect way to keep the fans updated and intrigued by what’s going on.


Who Can Join?

Only two criteria:

One: You need at least one comic book that you can link to and that people can buy.

Two: You need at least 200 Twitter followers.

(Why not Facebook? 5-6 daily posts in Facebook can be too much for your audience and it will take over your page’s content. But 5-6 daily posts in Twitter is not overwhelming and not spam)


What If You Join in Late?

First of all, the more the merrier.

But you cannot benefit immediately from the Indie Power audience we’ve garnered over time. You need to earn it and prove you’re part of the team!

You will have to tweet about 50 back articles over a period of 4 weeks while at the same time tweeting about the daily articles. And only then will your article/s join the queue.


Becoming Great Will Take Time

Becoming great takes time. And we must have patience.

In the beginning, our strength will be the sum of our Twitter followers.

The longer we do this, the more our followers will click on the links, because they’ll have learned to trust what we consistently give them.

The longer we do this, more indies will join, and the sum of our Twitter followers will grow.

The longer we do this, the more outside-exposure/word-of-mouth/press-and-blog-coverage we’ll get.

The longer we do this, the more we’ll be able to change our fans’ monetary behavior. Rather than see each of us as a very small fish that may occasionally deserve a bite, together we’ll be seen as something big they could spend money on every week and maybe even every day.

My guess is that at the end of our first 6-12 months we’ll be able to see: 1) That we quadruple the number of publisher members; and 2) a spike in our followers that is much greater than the sum of our power.

And that’s just the start.

But we must have patience and not expect to be an overnight success.


How Do I Join?

Very simple: Just email me.

The website goes live in a month. Join the revolution!

Oh, yeah: My name’s Guy Hasson, I’m the CEO and head writer of New Worlds Comics. I look forward to your email!


And one last thing: Tweet/Pin/Share the picture and picture below! The more people know, the stronger we are!

Tweet/Pin/Share this! The more people know, the stronger we are!

Tweet/Pin/Share this! The more people know, the stronger we are!