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“How a Single Letter Changed My Life.” – Ian’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Ian tells his story: 

The moment comics empowered me was so simple.

I’d been reading comics for a while, this was back in the mid-80’s. I’m dyslexic, and the story/visual component, made me able to focus on reading.

But it wasn’t until I wrote a letter to Comic Buyer’s Guide, and after they printed it, that the true depth of what was going on hit.

I ended the letter with a simple wish that someday I’d like to write comics.


I got a letter from Matt Feazell with one of his minicomics in it, which basically said…why not start now?

And so I did.

That changed my life, I went from having a hope, to being able to do it, take control of something for the first time.

In the almost 30 years I have continued to participate in this medium, I have always kept it in my head that the work I do contain an element of keeping that moment of discovery of self, alive.

It is a very simple gift to give, the idea that you can create worlds and characters, and others can see what you have done and like it. May that snowball always continue to grow in others.

Today, I run Indyfest Magazine, which is an ongoing interview/promotional magazine for small press, self publishers that covers comics, music, and as much of the DIY market as we can cover. We feel 100% that it is the people that make the network, and so we focus out network on people.

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