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“Being a Hero Is About Making a Difference.” – Ellen’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues! 

This time, Ellen Fleischer, editor of Indyfest Magazine, tells her story: 


EllenI’ve probably been a comic book fan for about 28 years.

I picked up the Firestar miniseries in a back issue bin in 1986, because I’d liked the character on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends and discovered X-Men and New Mutants.

As an introverted loner, it was easy to identify with these characters, who were both heroic and very, very fallible.

Sometimes, being a hero wasn’t about saving the world. It was about talking a jumper off a ledge or being able to cheer up a friend in a funk.

It was about finding your own path, and realizing that sometimes, you could make a difference, even without using superpowers or fighting evil.

Heroics were great, but it was what the heroes did when the spotlight was off and the reporters weren’t around that impressed me.

Because, when people treat you like a social pariah, there is a part of you that wants to be popular and looked up to. Comics told about characters who were admired when they put on masks and costumes… and then went home and had to deal with mortgages, or getting dumped because they broke dates to save the world, or wondering whether everything they did actually made things better in the long run.

And then, they kept right on doing what was right, even if nobody knew it.

Today, I’m a freelance editor, hard at work on writing my first novel. I’ve edited a couple of indie comics, in addition to my work on Indyfest and I’m still reading comics today.


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