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“Eventually I Became Batman” – David’s Story

Here’s our latest Comics Empower Project post! 

Today, David shares his personal story!

One day my Dad took me to our local convenience store and told me to pick something up off of the shelves.
The nice kid that I was, I picked up the most expensive thing I could find.
‘Oi! Cut that out’, said my Dad to me. ‘Why don’t you grab yourself a comic book instead?’
‘A comic book?’ I exclaimed. ‘But why do I have to get one of those for? That means I have to read and stuff’.
‘Yeah. So what’s wrong with reading’ he replied. ‘When you read you learn about another side of life. When you learn you educate yourself both creatively and socially. And when you educate yourself you make yourself a better person in the process’.
Fast forward a couple of years later. I eventually turned myself into Batman.
Okay. Not Batman per-se. But a guy who loves the Batman character so much so that he actually inspired me to become a better person with a more innovative outlook on life.
I mean, let’s face it. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have become a tech-head at the University and learnt like a mad-man. 
So yeah. Comic books have inspired me to create my own website about comic book and movies. A website, I might add, that’s basically an online version of me that loves good stories, great art, innovative ideas, and basically, stuff you can pick up off of the shelves.
Check out David’s site: Comic Book and Movie Reviews

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