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“I Learned the Soul of the Medium” – Archie’s Story #ComicsEmpower

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Today, Archie Spires shares his personal story!

I remember when I first saw the movie “Wanted” (2008).

Over the top, ultraviolent, and funny. I loved it.

Then… Years later, I found out that it was a comic book adaptation and I found said comic book (2004-05). And HOLY SH!T B@LLS, BATMAN!!

I learned what can be lost in an adaption: The soul of the medium.

I love how much a single phrase can change everything about an image. I love how much I can feel from a single panel.

To this day, book one of “The Many Deaths of Batman” (1992) is one of my favorites when it comes to demonstrating what a truly talented artist (John Byrne) and writer (Jim Aparo) can do once you leave out the market research and focus groups.

“Get out”, order Commissioner Gordon as he stood over the shrouded body.

His best friend and partner, the dark hope of Gotham, the ultimate example of human endurance and fortitude laid out on the morgue examining table.

Or the final panels of “The Death of Superman (1992). Lois Lane cradles Superman’s broken body in the shattered streets of Metropolis, “Doomsday… is he… is he…?”

“You stopped him! You saved us all! Now relax until…”

I’ll never forget the day a Superman died.


About Archie Spires: Archie is an editor and contributor at Comic Book Illuminati, Occasional editor at and CEO/founder and head janitor at

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