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“I’m Not Saying I’m Indiana Jones, BUT…” – Shannon’s Story #ComicsEmpower

Here’s our latest Comics Empower Project post, where real fans share how comics empowered them! 

Today, Shannon shares her personal story!


Indiana Jones was my introduction to comics.

I think I saw the movie first and then hit the comics.

I connected with Indy because it all seemed so possible.

I can’t explain just how powerful that idea was for me. To see an average guy who loved history and archeology who traveled the world and had amazing adventures, had a tremendous impact of the life I felt I could reasonably create for myself.

I saw possibility and myself reflected back to me through that character. A possibility that I had no framework for in my real life.

Tack on some serious Captain Picard admiration with his leadership and love of archeology and exploration and it’s no wonder I’m like this.

I’m not saying I am Indiana Jones exactly BUT I now have a degree in Archeology, I have spent several years of my life bouncing around the world on epic adventures, having visited over 30 countries. I’ve climbed through the pyramids in Egypt, rode a camel through the Thar desert, had many a crazy train rides across China and Thailand, explored the wats of Siem Reap, taken a hot air balloon over the valley of the kings, and rock climbed in India. I am faculty at a University and I own a badass pleather jacket (just like Indy’s but animal cruelty free).

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