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“Creating Comics Is an Act of Pure Magic” – Kristin’s Story #ComicsEmpower

Today, on the Comics Empower Project, Kristin Kest shares her personal story!

Kristin is the artist on the upcoming graphic novel series, Lost in Dreams. Her story is about how creating the graphic novel empowered her!

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Economy of line. Expressive faces and body language. Nonverbal communication. The happy marriage of text and image. Good graphic design. These are the formal things one would expect to find in a well-done graphic novel or comic book.

These things are what keep us glued to the pages and what makes us come back to a story again and again. It’s what makes the graphic novel so much fun to create and so much more of a challenge than anything else I’ve done in my career.

What I didn’t expect to learn being on this side of the creative end, was how to grapple with the compression and expansion of time. Of course, we take for granted the passing of time when we watch movies, as they are literally moving. The idea of time is such a contrivance anyway but to capture its passing in still frames over a series of pages is an act of pure magic.

The graphic novel doesn’t sit still. It is a verb in motion and is the purest freedom of the imagination that I know.


About Kristin: Kristin has been s a freelance illustrator for a quarter of a century (yikes!) and this is my first graphic novel. Her other activities include college teaching (illustration) and being a part-time musician in a classic rock band. She’s married, has three cats, and lives in a 250 year-old log house in the big woods of Pennsylvania. Check out some of her illustrations at her website.

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