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Hi everyone! Guy Hasson here, CEO and head writer of New Worlds Comics.

New Worlds Comics came onto the scene in 2014, in an attempt to create comics that reminded us why we loved comics in the first place!

We also tried to give some of the most original and honest articles on our website. Check out what you and other readers liked the most!

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May you all have a happy and fulfilling 2015!


Article #1: Are Indie Comics Worth It?










A fan on Twitter asked, and we answered: Are indie comics worth it?
Is it worth spending all the time, money, and emotion into this project?

Here is the honest answer!



Article #2: How To Make Nudity in Comics

How to Make Nudity in Comics Empowering (1)


Through a coincidence, two of our upcoming comic books, Time Warriors #1 and Wynter #4, have short scenes of female nudity in them.

Since New Worlds Comics believes in giving girls and women stories and characters that empower them, I wanted to talk about this process honestly.


Article #3: Can I make Money from Indie Comics?











Another fan on Twitter asked: What’s your business plan?

In other words: Can you actually make money by creating an independent comic book company?

You ask, we answer!


Article #4: Why Do People Keep Buying Bad Comics?




















Do you often find yourself buying comic books that you don’t really expect to be that good?

Ever wander how the big companies get you to do that?

Here’s how!


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