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“Comics Pulled Me out of the Darkness” – Mattie’s Story

Today, on the Comics Empower Project, Mattie Diem shares her personal story about how comic books inspired her!

It’s very personal, very touching, and worth the long read!




Like some people, I didn’t have the greatest childhood. It wasn’t the best but it could have been worse.

I thankfully no longer have contact with the man I had feared for so long, since I was 12.

For a long time afterwards, I felt as though I was a broken mess, nothing but a statistic who battled with depression, wondering why this awful thing had happened to me.

I didn’t start reading comic books until I was around 20. It was also the year that Iron Man came to the silver screen.

I didn’t know who Tony Stark was, but this movie really looked cool. So, I had to see it.

Back then I dabbled in nerd culture, and went through an anime/manga phase when I was in high school. Yet when the world of comic books was starting to come to theaters, I was intrigued. Since I grew up in the 90’s every Saturday morning I got to watch either Batman, The Animated Series, X-Men, X-Men Evolution and Batman Beyond but I really hadn’t’ heard of Tony Stark or Iron Man.

While watching the movie, I didn’t just get to experience an amazing entertaining storyline and plot; I truly got to see who Tony Stark was.

He wasn’t just a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; he was a man who was broken and hid behind his womanizing and drinking. His father’s death threw him through the ringer and then he was hit down even more by being captured by bad men who were working for his surrogate father who wanted him dead.

Instead of being swallowed up by his grief and sorrows for himself, he rose above it and became better than it. He became a superhero and saved many people. Even in his newer films, when the world was against him he still stood up for what was right and is still overcoming his past. It shows the strength I only wish to have minus the alcoholism and all his other problems.

That’s what I strive to do, not to become a superhero but to continue every day to rise above what I had survived. To no longer let it control me or dictate what I do.

Since then, I’ve dived into the world of comic books, movies, television shows, conventions and action figures. I even was offered to write for a local to my area website, , a website for all your geeky needs which I absolutely love.

I can only wish that one day it becomes my day job.

Until then this will continue to be, as my mother puts it my “hobby.”

Comic books and Comic book movies have changed my life for the better. It has pulled me out of darkness, seeing that no matter who or what you are you can make a change in yourself and the world.


You can follow Mattie at Girls of Geek. Their Twitter is @girlsofgeek12. Mattie’s Twitter is: @Mattie_LD. Happy geeking!

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