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“Illustrating is like acting for shy people.” – Vincent’s Story #ComicsEmpower

Today, Vincent Kings shares his personal story!

The Comics Empower Project is all about real people sharing real stories about how comic books empowered them!

Before we start, you should know that Vincent is a comic book artist, working on our flagship title, Wynter.

It’s long, but it’s worth reading! Here’s Vincent’s story:

Vincent KingsI’m a lucky man.

I get to live life twice – once as it happens, and again as I reinterpret things I’ve seen and felt into artwork.

Comics are often labeled escapism, but I figure the real value of fantastical stories is the perspective you get to return to your everyday life with.

Favorites like Daytripper and I Kill Giants do that for me.

Making comics is also as good a way to deal with fears and insecurities as I’ve been able to find.

Even a supremely crappy day can be dissected for material; every screw-up I make brings more honesty and vulnerability to the characters I’m drawing. On the bright side – a moment of bliss can last forever in a good painting.

Illustrating is like acting for shy people – I get to put the artwork between me and the you. If I do it right you’ll feel it as nakedly as if I was some classically trained thespian on a stage and not a grubby kid in sweatpants working on a laptop with his old Wacom tablet. You probably don’t wanna see that side of it, and I don’t want you to. Like any good performance, ideally you forget that there’s an actor in the characters.

The danger here is that I get way too into my work and forget to go outside. I haven’t figured out yet how to quiet the maniac in my head who berates me about all the comics I haven’t drawn yet, and if you know somewhere I can escape from him please lemme know. He might be me.


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