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“Personality Traits Not Intrinsically Bound by Gender” – Pandalion Death’s Story

The Comics Empower Project continues!

This time we asked the artist known as Pandalion Death to tell us what empowered her in comic books.

Here’s what she said:

Pandalion Death

Pandalion Death

Whenever anyone complains about wanting novels to have pictures, I ask why they aren’t reading comics.

Comics play out in my mind as films or episodes in literary form.

As a gluttonous reader, devouring Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma’s ‘Morning Glories’ has been akin to binge-watching tv shows.

At first glance, the comic looked like another prep school horror cliché until the questions piled up and the teenage stereotypes displayed character. Who doesn’t like a good mystery?

A stirring moment occurred when a character in quandary displayed admirable ruthlessness. Merciless personalities already exist in the story but this development was welcomed.

It was delightful to see such opportunistic rationale adding depth to a supercilious exterior. Question marks continue to arise: Are they who we think they are? Are they haunted by their choices? Are they a catalyst or pawn of events? Their actions are reminiscent of Claire Underwood from House of Cards, who is arguably one of the most nuanced television characters ever written.

No spoilers here, so you better read the comic and watch the show pronto.

The comparison ends there but what remains is the appreciation for Spencer’s writing.

Personality traits are not intrinsically bound by gender, race, or any other sociological classification, but we’ve been conditioned to think otherwise. Categorisation is necessary but not to the point of diluting complex comprehension altogether. It is therefore invigorating to encounter complexity in a comic where there is more than meets the eye.


Pandalion Death is a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer for garments, accessories, and household furnishings.

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