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“I Finally Realized What it Meant to Be a Superhero” – Casey’s Story

The Comics Empower Project continues!

This time we asked Casey Walsh to tell us what empowered him in comic books.

Here’s his story:


Casey Walsh

Casey Walsh

Casey Walsh

When New Worlds Comics asked me to tell you guys a story about an instance or moment when comics empowered my life I was extremely concerned I could deliver.

One because I have a terrible memory (mostly due to a crazy couple of years in college) and the other is because I don’t think one singular moment empowered me.

I was empowered by comics when I finally realized what it meant to be a superhero, whether it was Captain America standing against his friend in Marvel’s Civil War or Batman coming out of retirement to once again save his dying city in The Dark Knight Returns, or the countless heroes who have sacrificed themselves to save others.

I learned to be a superhero in comics and in life you had to be the best you possibly could be no matter what.

Comics empowered me by teaching me what it means to be the superhero I dreamt of as a child; to stand up for what is right even if the world is against you, to put others before yourself friend or foe, to stand against the impossible and still believe in the possible. Comics empowered me to be a better person, husband and father, and they continue to empower me with each and every panel.

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