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A Family Empowered by Comics – #ComicsEmpower

Welcome to our Comics Empower Project!

Here, people share how comic books empowered them!

Here is our first post: a father and three daughters – empowered by comics!




Jess (Artist name: Taylor-San)

How and why comics and heros inspire me…

At a young age I realized how messed up this world is, and I found the fantasy of comics healing to whatever bad was going on with me. Whether it be a comic of comedy, tragedy, or romance, if it had superheros in it, it made my reality seem better.

Indulging in a comic book or movie of heros makes me feel like I’m with them fighting or saving people. And to make my own heros and villains is even better. Some take after me and my family, and some are just work of my imagination.

But no matter what they are, they are the thing that gets me through good days and bad days. They inspire me to live a fun and creative life, through drawing, reading, movies and cosplay. Without the fantasy of comic heros, life would be a lot worse. Plus, who wouldnt want to be a super-powered being!

Thanks Dad for introducing me to the universe of supers.





Comic books have always been a huge part of my life.  Reading about humans that had these amazing abilities and chose to use them for what was right (usually) greatly influenced me.

Although I knew that I didn’t have super strength the ability to fly, etc., I did know I have the ability to always try to do the right thing.  Especially when it came to other people.

My favorite hero is Hawkeye.  I admire that his background wasn’t squeaky clean, and yet he turned that around to do good.  He also is a superhero because he pushed himself to be the best at what he does, and feared by those on the other side of his arrows.

That has always spoken to me because it made me feel like if I just push myself to be the best I can be and not ever give up, I will reach any goal I set my mind to.  I’m overjoyed that my father introduced comics to me.


EricaErica (Artist name: Malee)

When my dad showed me comics, I looked at the pictures in amazement, not knowing who was behind that beautiful art when growing up.

I looked at the art more than the story, always telling my dad Why doesn’t everyone read or at least see a comic book sometime in their life.

We look at these books and hear the amazing stores of Batman, or the X Men and do not really think about all that went into making that story, all which went into making it come alive.

I would love to be one of those artists one day. I would sit, look through all the pictures, copy exactly what I saw and did that over and over practicing to become the artist I wanted to be. But while doing this I could see that these heroes are awesome they fight daily for the betterment of mankind.

That is what I love and inspires me from comics.  I try to do and be my best most of the time.

I even speak up for those who are too shy or afraid to speak up.

Comics are never ending, and take you wherever you want to go, who wouldn’t love that.  Keep rockin’ the comics, keep rockin’!




Pascus Smith (Artist name: Telemikus)

Comics have been my passion since I was a kid probably around 9 or 10 years of age.

I even had a subscription to the X-Men comics for about 3 years. I was always anxious to get the next issue.  Every Saturday morning I was up at 7ish to watch cartoons.

Even after school I was ready for G.I. Joe, Super Friends, Centurions, Bionic Six, Mighty Orbots, Transformers, Spider-Man and any other superhero cartoon available.

While watching or reading them it always empowered me to always dig deep when I felt beaten. For example if I was hurt playing football I would think of the pain a hero went through and kept going, then I would suck it up and keep playing.

I would use their example of rising to the challenge almost on a daily bases.  Not allowing me being the minority be a bad thing, but turn it into a strength, not a weakness or an excuse to do less cause that is what was expected.

Even supervillans inspired me, because they had such focus, after being beaten time and time again, they would look for another way to accomplish their goals. Always a method to their madness.

Comics are great for so many reasons.

It’s help for that loner that doesn’t quite know where they fit in, because it shows them that they don’t have to fit in anywhere, just be strong, proud and happy standing alone.  It helps give that inner strength that few know they have, because they never tapped into it.

It shows that kid that gets picked on that they can handle it and come out shining, maybe not at that moment but their moment to shine is coming, just stay focused.

It gives imagination beyond the right now, beyond your city, beyond your state, beyond your planet and beyond the stars.  That kind of imagination is what inspired me to draw and keep drawing, I could create my own places, people and universes.  That’s reasons it was empowering for me all these years.


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