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Welcome to the Team: Vincent Kings

New Worlds Comics is proud to announce the addition of artist Vincent Kings to the team!

Vincent is a young artist whose job it is to step into the giant shoes of Aron Elekes as the artist of Wynter.

Vincent Kings

Vincent Kings is an illustrator based in Laguna Beach, CA, where he studies at the Laguna College of Art and Design. He has drawn comics ever since his little toddler hands were ready for a pencil, and recently interned at IDW Publishing. Already a fan of the book, Vincent is beyond pumped to be working on Wynter and is doing everything he can to keep up the quality associated with it.

The art in Wynter #4, which is coming soon, will be done half by Aron and half by Vincent.

Here is an illustrated page from Wynter #4:

Liz, meet Vincent

Liz, meet Vincent

Please make him feel welcome!