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Sad News: Aron Elekes to Leave After Wynter #4

If you’re a Wynter fan, I’ve got bad news and good news.

The bad news is that, after Wynter #4, Aron Elekes will be forced to leave Wynter due to unavoidable personal reasons.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about the good news, and the supremely talented artist who will take over the art duties in Wynter. But today let’s talk about the amazing Aron Elekes.

Aron Elekes is a genius. He is equal to the top tier of comic book artists, and better than perhaps most of them.

During his time in New Worlds Comics, he made sure that every page of Wynter is a work of art, never a product. He is a true artist and will be sorely missed.

If you want to personally say how much you appreciated his work, please tweet at him and tell him how much you loved his work! His Twitter handle is: @AronElekes with the hashtag #LoveUAron

He will be missed, and we were super lucky to have him!

Here’s some of his fantastic work:

Wynter 1, Page 4

Wynter 1, Page 4

Artist Aron Elekes helps me achieve the dream

The Wynter #2 promo when it came out in April

The Wynter #2 promo when it came out in April

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Wynter #2. Art: Aron Elekes.

Art by Áron Elekes

Artist's Sketchbook: Wynter #1

Artist’s Sketchbook: Wynter #1

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