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The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer, and Comics Fans

I just saw Amanda Palmer’s TED talk and it made me think of you, the fans.

If you hadn’t seen it, it’s awesome and thought-provoking. Here it is:

How does this pertain to comic book fandom? I’ll tell you!

In her talk she describes how her fans treated her with kindness, open hearts, and surprisingly open wallets, when she was just starting out. And the bigger she got, the bigger this phenomenon got.

Now let’s look at the comic book fans we know. I’m not talking about my fans. I’m talking about all of us, including myself as a fan.

We are so quick to cut, so quick to burn people who make one thing we perceive as a mistake. So often, looking at the forums, you see fans saying something along the lines of “This writer/artist did such and such and I WILL NEVER LOOK AT HIS THINGS AGAIN!”

So: How is it that fan behavior is so different?

It couldn’t be just Ms. Palmer’s approach to her art – we’ve got so many artists and writers in the industry, at least some of them must be doing something right (from a fan point of view).

Is it that we’ve grown accustomed to behave this way?

Is it that music is one thing and comics another and therefore behavior must be different?

Is it that this is how a left-brain fan behaves vs. a right-brain fan?

Or is it something else?

And does it have to be the way it is?

Can we be more like that?

Do we want to be like that?

I’d really like to know what you think. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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