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Goof TPB Now Available!

It’s finally here!

The Goof trade paperback is now available for direct marketing at My Toy Favorites!

If you’ve got a teenage boy going through the goofiness of puberty, or if you’re a geek guy who went through puberty, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! 

Description: A hilarious take on superheroes. Nick Knickerbocker is given superpowers as Earth’s only protector. The problem is: he’s a major goof. So now he’s a super goof! Will Earth survive the exprience?

Includes issues Goof #1-#4 in graphic novel form, as well as original artist concept art!

Length: 100 pages.

Free shipping worldwide!

Cost: $12

“Hilarious!” Nerdlocker
“From the first moment you meet Captain Gorgeous you will have a permanent smile on your face to the very end.” Geeks with Wives
“READ THIS COMIC” The Pop Culture Cafe
“Full of moments that will genuinely make you laugh out loud.” Two Shots to the Head
“Very funny stuff.” Comicbooked

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The Goof TPB

The Goof TPB

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