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New Worlds Comics - Be Different!

What Is New Worlds Comics?

New Worlds Comics is an independent, digital-comic-book publisher. We’ll be available in the Apple app store on Feb. 26, 2014.

Our comic books are only available digitally. You won’t find us in stores, because there are no print copies. Right now, we’re premiering on the iPad. Within a few months, we’ll be available on the iPhone, then Android, then the web. If you buy a comic book from New Worlds Comics, it is yours forever, regardless of what device you use to read it. You can store it on your device or just download it again for free whenever you want.

Why are we only digital? Being digital allows us lower costs of production. This translates immediately into two things. The first and most important is artistic freedom for the writers and artists. We can tell stories no one else can. We can create comic books that are art. We can let our imagination go free, we can bleed on the page, we can shock you and make you laugh and cry without ever pandering to the lowest common denominator.

The second advantage of being digital is that the artists can be treated as artists. The artists get a percentage of any profit any time you buy one of their books. If a book becomes a best-seller because the artist did a great job, the artist is compensated for that appropriately. The same is true for the writers and the writing.

We’re new. We’re starting out with two titles. As the year progresses, we’ll introduce more titles.

If you like our titles, tell your friends, talk about them, post about them, let people know. And remember to drop by again to read more of your favorite comic books and to check for new titles.

In the next few months we’re going to start rolling before you new worlds, new adventures, and new stories. We have big surprises in store.



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