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Geeks with Wives Cross-Post: Zappcon Cosplayers

This was originally published by Geeks with Wives by Casey Walsh as part of a series of cross-posts our two websites are doing. To check out various interviews from Zappcon that are still being posted, check out the Geeks with Wives website.

Zappcon Year One is in the books and Fresno’s first comic and gaming convention was a huge success. The floor was full of enthusiastic geeks stoked to be experiencing the Central Valley’s first premiere comic convention. Lucky for you Geeks With Wives was there in force to bring you all the Zappcon goodness. Besides having our very own panel (which we will talk about in future posts) the highlight for us as with every convention we attend is always the Cosplay. Zappcon attendees did not disappoint as local Cosplayers came out in droves and littered the show floor. Geeks With Wives being the huge fans of Cosplay that we are was given the opportunity by Zappcon to host the cosplay photo area and below are all of Zappcon’s awesome Cosplayers displaying their art for the world to see.

Zappcon Cosplay Contest and Convention Gallery


Not only did Zappcon draw a huge gathering of Cosplayers to the show floor. They also has a Cospaly Contest so local artists could strut their stuff on stage and show off the months of hard work and passion they put in their inspired Cosplays. Geeks With Wives was again a huge presence at the Cosplay contest with our very own Will Elizondo(Cosplaying as Tony Stark) hosting the event and Casey Walsh judging along with professional cosplayers Holly Brook and CSprankleRun the contest was a rousing success and the room was packed with attendees, cosplayers, and contestants.

To see the 5 million (more or less) cosplayer photos that were taken, check out the original post.