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Calling All Indies!


So you’re an indie comic book publisher? Me, too!

There are hundreds of us small fries out there on the web, and we each have a very small following.

We are not competing with the Big Guys. We’re not even in competition with each other.

Let’s work together, unite out power, to become something larger that would benefit all of us together!


We Are Not Rivals

The first thing to understand is that we are not in competition with each other. Chances are that you and I don’t have more than five common followers, if that.

The truth of the matter is that $2 spent on my comic book is not $2 that would have been spent on yours, or vice versa.

Once we realize we are not competing, we can work together to become a big powerhouse and a much bigger player in the comics scene.


United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Finding an audience big enough to buy our comics and to sustain them is a very big task.  Let’s make it easier.

We each have following on our website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I’m guessing the average for an indie comic book company is between a few hundreds to a few thousands followers.

We hardly have any followers in common.

I say, we unite them.

If there are 100 companies in our list, and each has, on average, 500 followers (some wil have more, some less), then every announcement we make reaches 50,000 potential followers. (500X100 = 50,000).  That’s a big megaphone. And it can get even bigger.


Here’s the Idea

Step #1: We create a list of as many indie comic book publishers with social media presence and get them on board.

Step #2: We choose a website (I say a free WordPress one, for example, so that none of us will own it) for our Indie Power blog.

Step #3: Each of us writes one article per title that s/he publishes. The article will include what’s special about the title, what reviewers said, a few pictures, etc., plus links to how we can get/download it. If you have two titles, you write two articles, etc.

Step #4: We randomize the order in which the articles are published, so that no one is favorited one way or another.  We publish two to three articles a day throughout the day. (Assume we’re 100 companies and each one has, on average, 2-3 titles. That’s 200-300 articles that need to get out there.) These will be published on the blog. Simultaneously, we ALL publish through all our feeds (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) news of each new article with a link to it, all under the Indie Power hashtag.

Step #5: If any of us has a new release, that also gets a news update of the release on the day fo the release. And everyone links to that article, too, under the Indie Power hashtag. Same thing with previews.


This Creates a Huge Megaphone 

Here’s how our huge megaphone will work:

First. As mentioned, if each of us has 500 social followers on average, then with 100 companies we can reach 50,000. Chances are, the average is higher: 1,000 or 2,000, reaching a potential 100,000 or 200,000 with each announcement.

Second. The creation of constant content (3 articles a day plus release and preview announcements from 100 companies) creates a buzz bigger than our individual power combined. Each new article will also get old articles looked at. It will get people excited and proactive in buying indie comic books. It’ll give people a just cause to rally around.

Third. The sheer volume of content and the discovery that so much is going on in the indie world should get a lot of attention from comics sites, big and small; from newspapers (online and not); from popular websites (as big as io9, for example), which will bring in many more readers, much more interest, and more people reading about all our comic books.

Fourth. Therefore, the more we do it, the longer we do it, the more we all stick together, the greater we ALL become.


So. What do you think? Choose to participate! Let’s add you to that list!

Send me an email and we’ll start working on it!

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