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“Wynter Is the Surprise Science Fiction of the Year!”

It’s interesting to see how people react to new comic books as they slowly become popular.

With New Worlds Comics we have the unique position of observing this with Wynter. From the very first review of Wynter, to the next and to the next Wynter came out unbelievably strong out of the gate. With the release of Wynter #2, more and more reviews raved about Wynter.

The interesting dynamic of a new comic book is that review after review after review will come in. At first, it’s surprising. People aren’t sure what to expect or how to talk about it. Then slowly, somehow, a single review solidifies everything that’s come before and catches the zeitgeist with one sentence.

That review just came out by Geeks with Wives. Here is the sentence: “Wynter is the surprise science fiction hit of the year.”

Read the entire review here.

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover


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