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Last Week in Reviews: Wynter Is Hot!

Wynter #2 came out this week. Hot on last week’s raving reviews Living Myth Media named Wynter #2 one in its top 5 comics list.

In addition to which, more reviews came out! Here’s what they had to say:


Wynter #1 Cover

Wynter #1 Cover

Adventures in Poor Taste said: “The painting by Aron Elekes is astounding. The quality is Alex Ross levels, but the layouts and pages are much more dreamlike and inventive than anything Ross has ever done. ” “Recommended!”

Living Myth Magazine started its review with “Well, fuck.” continued with “The art is mind-blowingly good” and ended with “some of the best sci-fi we’ve read in a while.” On Twitter they added “The concept is purest genius.”

Geeks with Wives said: “I recommend this book especially for Sci-fi buffs and hopefully you will be hooked as much as I am.”

Wynter #2 Cover

Wynter #2 Cover

ComicOpa loved Wynter, and stressed the realistic portrayal of a female protagonist, rare in comic books.

Bag & Bored said, “Wynter is here and it’s awesome.”

Two Shots to the Head said, “Wynter continues to impress.”


Haven’t read Wynter yet? From your iPad, click here.








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