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Wynter #2 Deadline Extended! Get It Free!

We’re almost there!

As you recall, we gave you a chance to get Wynter #2 for free for everyone for one day! All you had to do was post one of the two posters below with a link to this website (and let us know about it). If 50 people posted, it would be free.

The deadline is one day away, and 35 of you have posted it.

Now, we really really want you guys to get it for free. So here’s what we decided: We’re extending the Wynter #2 deadline! You have six more days!

Wynter #2 will be released next Tuesday, May 6th, instead of tomorrow. We are really hoping for a rally to get it for free for everyone on that day!

You can do it! 15 more posts! 6 days to do it! The clock is ticking!

Here are the pictures to post:

Good luck!