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Get Wynter #2 Free! Here’s How!

Wynter is sky-freaking-rocketing!

Here’s what reviewers had to say: 

“If you call yourself a science fiction fan this shouldn’t be required reading but necessary for you to exist.” – Adventures in Poor Taste.

“Once in a while a new book shows up out of nowhere and reminds you why you love comics in the first place.” Rhymes with Geek.

“Sci-Fi extravaganza” Fortress of Solitude.

Get Wynter #2 Free

We want to get the word out there to all the fans of dark, gritty comic books.

So here’s what you can do to help spread the word about Wynter and get Wynter #2 free:

Below you can see two Wynter posters.

Put one of these posters on your website or blog and link to

If 50 of you do that by April 29th, Wynter #2 will be free for everyone on April 30th. For everyone!

That’s it. Very simple. Now go and spread the happiness!


You’ve never read Wynter? Check out the preview pages from Wynter #1 or the preview pages from Wynter #2.