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All-New, All-Different Avengers – Do Fans Want New or Same?

What do YOU hear when you read “All-New, All-Different Avengers?”
What I hear is: “All-New, All-Different Same-Same.”

Clearly, yes, this is a marketing thing. Based on the marketing premise that works, called “Loss Aversion”, where people are more afraid to lose out on some event or detail than to risk buying something new. (Full details here:

But that’s not what I care about. What I care about here is the point of view of the readers.

New or Same?

Readers like to think they like something new, that they’re risk-takers by trying something different. But if the word ‘Avengers’ (read as: “Same Same”) wasn’t stuck at the end there, 99.9% wouldn’t dare buy the book. It’s the comfort of the same that helps them buy something different.

And now to New Worlds Comics and other indie comics: The biggest hurdle for us indies is that fans hate risk. They fear to take a chance on a new experience. And that’s okay: it is the way the world works.

What I would like to change is the way people perceive themselves: You’re not a risk-taker when you go for “All-New, All-Different Same-Same”. You are the opposite of that.

You want to take real risks? You want something really all new, really all different? You know where to find it!

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