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“Comics Are a Fantasy World, Where You Want to Stay” – Friðjón’s Story

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This time, Friðjón tells his story:

When I was 10 years old and had a birthday I got my first Icelandic comic of Donald Duck (Andrés Önd) in birthday present.

That comic changed my life.  I have always loved the stories and the world in that comic.

Then I started to buy Donald Duck comics and another comic like Tarzan and other comics.

I was even a subscriber on a Icelandic version of Donald Duck comic books called SYRPAN.

I also love the comic strips in morning paper like Garfield and many other funny joke comics. I usually read them daily in every morning.

When I was 13 year old, there were adventure comics called He-Man and Masters of the Universe and Brenda Starr. I was a big fan of both.

It was the best comic I have red in the morning paper.  But now it is no longer in the morning paper.

But my love on comics has never stop and it will never stop.

Comics are most of all a fantasy world where everything can happens and good place to stay with your minds and thoughts in it when you are focusing on that comic world.

I also like Marvel movies because those movies are based from Marvel comics.  Comics will always fill your life of joyful and fun moment when you read it.

That is how I feel when I read comics. Comics will always be a king of entertainment and joy because the it is from a world we want to life in in with our hall of our imaginations.

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