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TAKE A LEAP: A Comic Book You Can’t See!

I need you to imagine something you can’t imagine: A comic book you can’t see!

Check this out!

As you know, we recently launched Comics Empower, the comic book store for the visually impaired. The comic books are translated to audio form, describing the panels and pages in a way that doesn’t break the story.

Comics Empower has one comic book series that’s exclusive to the site! It’s called Aurora, featuring massive mecha action with a blind hero at the helm.

What IS Aurora?

An army of alien mechas (giant freaking robots) are attacking the Earth!

In their last attack, they wiped out our defenses and left only one survivor: Daniel Price, his eyes burned off!

No longer able to see his foes, Daniel is the only man who can enter and activate the huge, robotic Aurora mecha and save Earth from total extinction!

But how can he defeat an enemy that’s faster, smarter, and better than him?

It’s fun and exciting mecha action, available monthly at the Comics Empower store!

Here’s Why You Can Enjoy It But Not Read It

Aurora will always be available first for the visually impaired at Comics Empower and only months later in visual form at the regular venues.

So if you want to get in on the action now and see what you’re missing out on – check out Aurora here!