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“Comics Are a Lifestyle” – Josh’s Story

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This time, Josh tells his story:

To me, comics are more than just a book.

More than just some words and some artwork. Comics are a lifestyle.

As a kid I read comics and watched the cartoons. I had the action figures and the trading cards. I loved the X-Men, and to this day am a huge Spider-Man fan.

In sixth grade my class was forced to write a story for the young author’s competition. I chose to write a comic.

I didn’t win, but I really enjoyed creating the character and his arena to play in.

Fast forward 20ish years later. After being a mildly successful musician and a part-time movie critic, my heart has led me back to where my creativity started.

I (we) are reinventing my old characters as well as creating many new and off the wall villains and heroes.

Some of our books will be novels. Others will be comics that span from satirical adult only type books, as well as comics for every person.

We have a lot to do, but can assure you that our stories and characters will be original and will push the boundaries of storytelling.

We are excited and look forward to trying to entertain the world. Or at least like six of our friends.

Josh Nealis

Cutthroat Comics

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