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“Persepolis Made Me Rethink the Value of the Graphic Novel” – Star’s Story

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This time, Star tells her story:  


I started with Naruto, in my 3rd grade-school years, where its distinguishing style made a memorable imprint in my brain until as of now.

Kishimoto’s way of rendering and executing his artworks had a heavy impact on my style of art (I even keep an artbook of Naruto!).

During my earlier university years, I got to meet autobiographical forms of graphic novel including Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, which made me rethink about the value of the graphic novel as a unique storytelling medium.

Her way of approach I highly regard as something very mature quality-wise at the same time very accessible to audiences of any age. She actually helped me to better focus on women in comics, which I’ve also taken course of as well.


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