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“Comics Help Bring Dreams to Others” – Kelly’s Story

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This time, Kelly tells her story:  


I think we all very young, are endowed with great creativity.

That is what allows us to create worlds and stories that open our childhood dreams and exploit those ideas and dreams through games and other things children did.

But something happens over time. For some reason we stop dreaming, creating fantasy worlds and unfathomable universes. We disconnect from our the reality that was such a big part of our childhood’s reality.

The comic book worlds came into my life at a very young age. But at the time I didn’t really understand what they were about and access to them was limited. I only had access to those worlds through the television series.

I remember a long series of X-Men 1992. They were sensational. I enjoyed them and remember them now nostalgically.

But something was born in me then, and I wanted more of those worlds!

So I found another way to capture many ideas, so many stories and worlds that grew on me constantly, many universes sprouting in me. I found a new me. I was drawing, to illustrate. It was like a door opened in my life, it gave me the opportunity to bring these characters to the real world. And that’s what comics are to me.

They are the means by which we bring to life many worlds and universes that we create, is that door, those who dare to enter, are fascinated and want to have more and more.

It isn’t just creating them that captivates me, but also to be part of them, to be confident of many stories and secrets. Comics help convey dreams to others, allow us to nurture the minds of those whose creativity died – we awaken and revive it. We awaken and revive the child in all of us, which has gone into hiding or has disappeared.

Comics allow us to go beyond the real world.


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