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“Comics Are More Than the Sum of Their Parts” – Benjamin’s Story

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This time, Benjamin tells his story:  

I can’t say I’m the biggest comic fan around, but movies have helped spur my interest in reading comics.

The most recent one I read was Issue #1 of a new comic called Wynter.

The atmosphere was unique and amazing, especially with the intrigue of the main character. It’s not everyday I read something with a female in the lead and this had me hooked.

The focus on technology helped encourage me in pursuing my love of technology and reminding me that I’m not alone in that.

It also represented a grim world that had been realized and is represented through Wynter.

The main character, Liz Wynter, has a struggle with all that’s going on in her life, especially with her best friend.

This helps empower me as a person, showing me even this person, who isn’t even someone in real life, can be someone I can sympathize their struggle with surviving everyday life and trying to see the light in the darkness.

Other comics I had read like The Killing Joke and some of Spider-Man and others have helped me relate to others and just be able to open myself up by seeing how they go through their lives and push myself to do better.

With comics, I’ve been able to communicate more with people on common ground and be a part of something that’s big, which isn’t often. The way comics humanize the characters to go through their trials and fight to survive give not only the stories depth, but also help me reflect not just on myself but on others around me.

I’d recommend these comics and comics in general because the cerebral nirvana they give you stimulates your mind and makes you use your imagination.

They have helped me in hard times when I need time alone and I read these comics to see that whether you’re real or only exist in media, it’s all real because of the depth that the medium allows the character to take on a life of their own and inspire to go forth with mine and see that there’s more to do.

That is when you know comics are more than the sum of their parts-the drawings on the page and the text- it stretches more to the inside of the reader and gives them something to remember and the writers accomplished their purpose.

It helps me to know that I don’t have to give up and I can keep on fighting for what I do have because every day I’m given to live is on I will never get back so I have to make the best, like the characters in the comics who have to pull through no matter what and make ends meet.

The humanity of comics has made an impact that is to say the least something that will last for my lifetime.


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