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“I Want to Change the World Through Comics” – Lauren Nicole’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Lauren Nicole tells her story:  

I was not always the brave, sassy, and full-of-life 22 year old that everyone knows and loves.

As a child, I was bullied and as an adolescent, I was abused.

I was fearful and mousy. Yet, I managed to still see the beauty of the world and secret gardens still grew in my head.

Comics helped me find myself.

The illustrations, full of color and different worlds, made me realize that those secret gardens, that I had in my head, existed. Eventually, I didn’t feel so alone- other people saw the world the way I saw it.

As I read, I began to realize that I could have the confidence of Tony Stark and I could be a badass like Lady Sif. The world was in my hands and I planned on taking it.

Today, I fight for injustice. I am healthy. I am alive. I am better than I was yesterday. I thrive and I smile. Comics saved me.

Currently, I am completing a Master’s degree in Higher Education Management. I focus my research on the usage of comics as an instructional method.

I plan on furthering my research to explore sexism and racism in “nerd” culture. Eventually, I want to be able to use my research to create after-school programs that promote confidence, anti-bullying, and the importance of “doing good” in today’s youth.

I also want to present seminars that explain that the racism and sexism in “nerd” counter-culture is not only detrimental to our specific culture but as a counter-culture, we can combat sexism and racism in today’s larger society.

Comics can create change in our world and I plan to help future generations be that change.

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