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“You Don’t Need Superpowers – Only Wits and a Sense of Humour” – Andrei’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Andrei tells his story:  

I was born and grew up in what you would call a transition between 2 regimes.

This also meant a transition between two different metalities, with my parents stuck square in the middle of it.

And I owe them the life that I have now; introducing me to comics, cartoons and computer games from a somewhat early age made a truckload of difference in mentality – that’s something that they didn’t have as kids and I guess that they wanted me to be better and have more.

FYI, I didn’t have access (due to shortage of supply) to a lot of supehero comics as a kid. That actually worked out better for me.

I had a lot of Donald Duck, Duck Tales, Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, and later Asterix comics. Although they were “kid stuff”, they taught me that you don’t necessarily need superpowers or help from anything beyond this world; you need your wits about you and a sense of humour.

That meant that I didn’t like to lose myself in reading comics to escape reality, but to try and learn from them and try to translate at least a part of that fiction into real life.

While I was still a kid, life became somewhat harder due to personal events.

Yet, I tried to see things as they really were and tried to help as much as I could, even if it was by saying the right thing at the right time or just by having a more practical approach on the situation.

While others wanted miracles to happen by themselves, I was trying to see reality as it is and making something worth telling out of it by not forgetting to laugh and to make the people close to me smile a bit in their hardest moments.

While others found solace in fiction or religion, I found solace in people and real life opportunities. While others were crying and wondering why some things happen, I was wondering how to be a part of something that makes things change for the better.

I realized that sometimes I had to be light-hearted like Barney Rubble, sometimes witty like Bugs Bunny, sometimes brave like Asterix, and sometimes use a little from what I’ve learned from all of them.

I still don’t know if my parents realize the gift they bestowed on me by giving me access to comics, but one thing is for sure: I will be forever grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to free my mind, to be more, not fear what they fear and have a better take on life.


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