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“Without Comics I Go Crazy!!!!!!!” – Alesana’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Alesana tells her story:  

I don’t have parents, I have creators!

It all began when my mom was pregnant. She was expecting a baby girl, so she went and bought everything pink. My dad on the other hand was waiting for a baby boy so he went and bought all superhero stuff, especially Batman.

My mom was right and got her baby girl.

I was born with damaged lungs and grew up in the hospital. Occasionally I would be able to and visit my family and they did every thing they could to make me feel as comfortable as possible when I wasn’t home.

My Grandpa and Mom always bought me a lot of comics, and my mom would sometimes read them to me in bed.

I still remember those spooky nights at the hospital. My dad even made me the greatest gift; a Batman flashlight. I used to believe that Batman would come to save me.

I had a lot of hard times back then and comics always cheered me up.

When I meet new people they always tell me that I come from the imagination of Gerard Way, because I’m always creating stories and remind people of his characters. I live in my insane mind pretending to be the princess from the far, far away lands, waiting for the return of my grandpa and my friends.

Without comics I go crazy!!!!!!! 

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