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“Bitch Planet, Wytches, Lumberjanes, Rat Queens – Comics Are Not Just for Kids” – Monique’s Story

Remember why you liked comics in the first place?

Our Comics Empower Project continues!

This time, Monique tells her story:

I’ve only very recently become interested in comics.

I always loved to read and draw, and comics naturally fuse both of my loves into one.

As friends, family, and co-workers learned that I was getting interested in comics I got many wide-ranging responses from positive to the quite negative.

It seems that comics are still viewed by many as “just for kids,” or as one person said to me “for those too illiterate to read books.”

I was very upset by that comment and proceeded to introduce the individual to a variety of comic book genres. Just as there are many types of books, there are many types of comics that appeal to different audiences.

My current favorites include Bitch Planet, Wytches, Lumberjanes, and Rat Queens.

I also tried to explain that it can often be harder to read comics in the respect that what isn’t said or shown can be just as important to the story as what is, and that the art isn’t just there to illustrate the words, but to assist in setting the mood and actually telling the story.

I feel that comics are a complex and rich medium for storytelling that is still wildly under-appreciated these days.

Hopefully through projects like this one and with more and more artists, writers and enthusiasts speaking up, we can remove some of the stereotypes that surround graphic novels and introduce a largely untapped demographic to this unique and creative method of storytelling.


Monique Roy is an artist and graphic designer looking to break into the comic industry. You can check out her art and say hello at

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