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A Celebration of Indie Comics – Indie Power Is LIVE!

If you love indie comics, we just made your life better!

If you are an indie comic book publisher, we just made your life better!

It’s been more than 6 months in the making, but now we are officially announcing that the Indie Power website is now live!

Before you click on the link below, let me give you some background on what Indie Power is.

I’m a Fan: What’s Indie Power for Me?

If you’re a fan of indies, your biggest problem is probably finding them.

There are hundreds of them, some are probably exactly what you’re looking for, but they’re so hard to find by yourself.

Indie Power puts all the indies in one place. We’re a growing group of indies from all over the web, in all genres.

Every day a new post is made about an indie series that you’ve probably never heard of.

Every day you get to see a new indie series that’s out there. We’re growing every day, with new members and new articles!

You can use the search option to search for things that you like!

Sign up for the daily newsletter to never miss news about an indie series!

I’m a Publisher: What’s Indie Power for Me?

If you’re a publisher, you’re struggling to get noticed, struggling to find fans.

All the indies out there are in the same position.

The first thing you have to understand is: You and the other indies are not in competition. $2 spent on my book is not $2 taken from yours, or vice versa. Working together, we can become stronger. United we stand, divided we fall.

The Indie Power members all tweet together about each and every article, essentially transmitting news about YOUR article to ALL our fans together! In the same way we help you, we expect you to help us and to tweet about evey article we have.


All right. Intrigued? Want to check it out? Indie Power is a few weeks old, growing daily. Check out the Indie Power website now! Share it with your friends! And sign up for the daily newsletter!

What? You’re still here? Go check it out!




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